About British Wrestling

The British Wrestling Association Ltd is the national governing body for wrestling in the UK, including the Olympic and Commonwealth styles of wrestling and other styles within the remit of United World Wrestling (UWW), as well as other vernacular forms of wrestling.

The Olympic styles of wrestling are Women’s, Freestyle (men) and Greco-Roman (currently men only). Greco-Roman wrestling is not on the Commonwealth Games programme. There are many forms of indigenous wrestling from Scottish Backhold to Cornish which have connections with British Wrestling.

British Wrestling has, as its voting members, the three English regions (North, Midlands and South) and the home countries of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The Home Country associations have particular responsibility for members within their own jurisdictions, though clubs and individuals pay an affiliation fee to British Wrestling which has responsibility for the UK membership database. We welcome all to participate and become members of our Association, irrespective of age, gender, creed, ethnicity or ability.

British Wrestling is a company limited by guarantee and has recently modernised Articles of Association and policies including Anti-Doping, Equality and Safeguarding. The Board is made up of openly recruited independent directors and one from each of the Home Nations.  Financial support for Wrestling, from Exchequer and National Lottery funding, may be granted by Home Nation Sports Councils. 

British Wrestling is, in turn, affiliated to the world governing body, United World Wrestling. This enables our top wrestlers to compete in international competition such as the European and World Championship and, subject to qualification, the Olympic Games. 

British Wrestling owns and operates its own facility based in Salford. With space for two wrestling mats, a strength and conditioning area, changing rooms and the national office, the facility is a hub for wrestling activity in the UK.

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