Glasgow 2014 Wrestling Rules and Regulations

On the 18th February 2014, the weight categories to be contested changed as follows:
Old weight categories (Men’s Freestyle): 55K, 60K, 66K, 74K, 84K, 96K, 120K
New weight categories (Men’s Freestyle): 57K, 61K, 65K, 74K, 86K, 97K, 125K
Old weight categories (Women’s Freestyle): 48K, 51K, 55K, 59K, 63K, 67K, 72K
New weight categories (Women’s Freestyle): 48K, 53K, 55K, 58K, 63K, 69K, 75K
Entry and eligibility
The following sport-specific entry regulations have been determined for
Wrestling and are applicable to the XX Commonwealth Games:

  • Commonwealth Games Associations (CGA) are permitted up to two athletes per weight category
  • A maximum of 14 athletes (seven male, seven female) entries across all Wrestling weight categories are permitted per CGA.

It should be noted that in accordance with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Constitution, there are no predetermined qualification standards or athlete quotas for the Commonwealth Games, aside from the maximum number of permitted entries per event per CGA.
As specified by FILA, athletes must be a minimum of 18 years of age on or
before 31 December 2014 to compete in the Wrestling competition at the Games. Wrestlers aged 18 in 2014 must provide a medical certificate and parental authorisation to FILA prior to weigh-in.
Medals to be awarded in Wrestling
With seven male and seven female weight categories, there are 14 Gold medals available in wrestling.
Prize medals will be awarded on the following scale for Wrestling:

  • six or more contestants: Gold, Silver and two Bronze medals
  • four–five contestants: Gold, Silver and one Bronze medal
  • three contestants: Gold and Silver medals only
  • two contestants: Gold medal only

Competition system and repechage
The competitions take place by direct elimination system with an ideal number
of athletes, i.e. 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. If there is no ideal number of athletes in a
category, qualification matches will take place. Athletes in all categories who lost against both finalists will have repechage
If there are less than six athletes in a bodyweight category, the Nordic System
will take place
There will be 22 wrestling Commonwealth Games Asociations represented at the Glasgow Games.

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