British Wrestling’s main communication channel with its membership, the wider community and stakeholders interested in Wrestling is via this British Wrestling website.  The website covers the important areas of:-

  • Upcoming events
  • Results of competitions
  • General News
  • Development information for athletes, coached and officials
  • Governance information, including policies and meetings information

British Wrestling also communicates via a Twitter account @GBRwrestlingNGB
Active communication with the membership takes place via e-mail, to accounts registered in the membership database.  There are severe constraints on this channel of communication as a result of the (legally required) option to allow individuals to unsubscribe to mailings.  Members are encouraged to allow mailings about competitions etc.
British Wrestling encourages a positive relationship with the media.  It is important for the National Governing Body and individual clubs to raise the profile of wrestling across the UK.  Questions by, or about about media should be directed to