Since his appointment as British Wrestling Association Chair in September 2015, Jem Lawson had driven the creation of a new set of Articles (constitution) for the British Wrestling Association that would enshrine greater autonomy to the Home Nations.

In the period whilst these Articles were being drafted, the UK Government introduced “A code for Sports Governance” (link) for National Governing Bodies of Sport in receipt of public funds.

It was possible to incorporate the new code requirements into the new Articles which had the additional benefit of enabling the BWA to remain in compliance with funder requirements and benefit from the enhanced standards of governance.

The new British Wrestling Association Articles (2017) (link) were ratified at the 4th November 2017 Annual General Meeting with the 100% unanimous vote of the Voting Members, the Home Nations.

Historical footnote
At the Dec 2006 British Wrestling Association Council meeting there was a discussion entitled “Review of Governance and Policies.”

“…in the run up to the home Olympics of 2012 the BWA had a unique opportunity to develop our sport…. …Directors of the BWA … …should all be tasked with contributing in some way to the development of wrestling… …one of the first things that must be done is to review the Articles of Association (Constitution) and other policies ensuring that there is a meaningful, workable and dynamic volunteer base. He hoped that Council would agree to evaluate and progress this over the coming months…”

A Steering Group was set up to draw up new Articles of Association and those Articles were ratified in 2008.

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