Nations & Regions


Chair Ian Wiggett
Scotland TBA
Northern Ireland Jim Toland
Wales Ian Wiggett
England – Northern Region Ellen Morris
England – Southern Region TBA
England – Midlands Region Trevor Hoskins


As per The Articles of Association, the functions of the Nations & Regions Committee shall be: –

14.7.1 to be responsible for representing the views of the Nations & Regions Associations in the context of the strategy for growing the sport of wrestling;

14.7.2 to contribute to and influence the development of the Association’s strategy;

14.7.3 to identify issues impacting on the implementation of the Association’s strategy at regional levels;

14.7.4 to develop potential solutions to issues emerging at regional levels;

14.7.5 to provide a mechanism for communicating membership issues of national significance to the Board and vice versa where appropriate; 

14.7.6 to progress work on the wrestler pathway, club and coach development; and 

14.7.7 to ensure that best practice in wrestling and governance is shared across the Nations & Regions Associations.


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