Diversity at Senior and Middle Management Levels

The British Wrestling Association Ltd. has prepared and published the information below regarding its work to foster all aspects of diversity within its leadership and decision making.

Board Equality/Diversity Champion: Vasile Jornea

Publishing information about the percentage of women on the Board:

As at its 16 May 2020 Board Meeting, the BWA Board comprised 30% females.

Shaherah Jordan (SIO*) Jenny Linney Liz Riley Vasile Jornea Mark Cooper
Jem Lawson (Chair) Craig Anthony Ian Wiggett Tony Melling  

* Senior Independent Director

Outlining the justification for any differences in remuneration between Board Members:

At Board level the members with remuneration are the Chair and Chief Executive.  The remuneration varies according to role, specified tasks and the time expected of them; other Board members make time and expertise available as volunteers.

Publishing information about the organisation’s gender diversity at senior and middle management levels:

Board:  As above, the current percentage of women on the Board is 30%

Executive:  Executive functions are carried out by Craig Anthony, Theodora Finitsi, Andreas Michaelas and Barry Pollin, thus the percentage of women carrying out executive functions is currently 25%

Nations & Regions Committee:  This key committee should have six members one of whom is female, giving a percentage of 16%

British Wrestling Diversity Action Plan (DAP): Link to DAP

Further Governance Information:

The British Wrestling Association Ltd. is keen to demonstrate a strong and public commitment to progressing towards: Current Progress towards Target: of Current Directors
Achieving gender parity on its Board 60% Male 30% Female
Achieving greater diversity on its Board, including, but not limited to Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) members and those with a disability 1x BAME Director 4x Nationalities
The current Board has adopted a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on their Board 60% Male 30% Female

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