Summary Minutes of interim England Committee


Summary Minutes of England Committee 14th January 2016

Attendees: Tony Melling (Chair); Ellen Morris (North); Trevor Hoskins (Midlands); Yvonne (BWA Administrator, for Academy item); Colin Nicholson
Apologies: Jatinder Rakhra; Mohamed Shafi


  1. Academy:  Update on flooding of Academy and water damage – covered by insurance
  2. Regional Coaches: Appointments to be renewed
  3. New Draft Articles of Association discussed.  Changes supported overall but with need for greater clarity of the position of the England Committee within the structure
  4. Participation:
  • Participation figures discussed with need to raise membership numbers to achieve targets.
  • Discussion on focus for Sport England funding
  • Discussion on “Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation” the government’s recently released strategy for sport
  1. AoB:
  • Revised Competition Regulations to be circulated shortly
  • Expanded information on the NTS to be made available to the committee
  • Northern Region will present its perspective/options for Regional Weigh-In shortly

Summary Minutes – 6th England Committee Meeting
18th October 2014 The Academy 11am
Attendees: Tony Melling (Chair); Ellen Morris; Trevor Hoskins; Yvonne Ball; Jatinder Rakhra; Mohamed Shafi; Eric Ciake; Colin Nicholson (by Skype)


  1. England Strategy was discussed and it was agreed to add a strategic action empowering volunteers and officials

England strategy (part of BWA strategy) for discussion/awareness

  • Improving retention through better coaching achieved through implementing a new Coaching Programme (UKCC) endorsed by 1st4Sport
  • Improving retention through increased athlete satisfaction by providing goals and progression for athletes (Athlete Awards)
  • Improving recruitment and retention through improved Clubs that develop with fit-for-purpose committees and activities that integrate them with their communities
    • The overall measure for activities (a)-(c) is an increase in participation. This is (i) 14-25 England members and (ii) 25+ England Members. Sport England is less interested in under-14 membership, but the BWA is interested in this, i.e. its overall England Membership and its overall UK membership
  • Improving the numbers and quantity of competitive/elite wrestlers to feed through to UK Sport-eligible programmes through the implementation of a new Talent Pathway.
    • There are a set of measurable here such as numbers of squads and numbers on those squads
  • Improving recruitment and retention through good governance
    • Measureable: Self-Assurance and participation figures
  1. The England Wrestling Committee Terms of Reference was discussed. It was agreed that the committee needed to be a working committee with Regional members delivering projects as well as skills-based members. It was agreed that the committee should consider how athletes should have input.
  2. The England Wrestling Committee discussed the best ways to maximise Anatolii’s coaching across the Regions
  3. Athlete Awards have impact in athletes accessing the Regional squads and England Development Squad. Athletes are taking the awards in greater numbers but clubs need a UKCC L2 coach to sign-off on the awards. The Committee asked for the squad access and Award pathway to be summarised to aid communication with the membership.
  4. It was agreed to make Sport England Targets and progress available on website
  5. Clubs and Regions were reminded to submit 2015 dates for competitions
  6. The issue of regional weigh-ins before competitions was raised and proposals for a workable system to be drafted
  7. It was reiterated that all Clubs require a UKCC Level 2 Coach to operate in 2015, or at least to have booked a coach onto a course by the end of 2014. This was discussed at the 21st July Coach and Official Development Committee. However, the Committee Minutes have not yet been endorsed by the Board (due 25th Oct).
  8. 17-21 Nov 2014 is Anti-Bullying Week and Yvonne Ball, as Lead Safeguarding Officer, will be setting up Workshops for clubs at regional venues
  9. Wrestling is working with the Youth Sport Trust on implementing trial Combat Sports hubs (with Wrestling available alongside Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo and Fencing) in 12 pilot schools across England.
  10. The England Wrestling Committee congratulated and thanked the England Team Leader, support staff, athletes and medallists, officials and volunteers for an excellent account by England at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games


22nd October 2013 – Summary Minutes – 5th meeting of interim England Committee

  • The England Region single constitution:  All Regions accepted the new constitution in principle
  • Regional Training Squads including appointments for Regional coaches were discussed and agreed that job description and recruitment should take place via British Wrestling Website
  • England Committee Terms of Reference were re-circulated for final comments by 15 Nov 2013
  • There was an update on the England Squad
  • There was an update on the England Whole Sport Plan and progress towards outcomes/measures

18th March 2013 – Summary Minutes – 4th meeting of interim England Committee

  • Discussion on single consitution for England Regions
  • Update on recruitment of England Team Leader with Shaun Morley being selected
  • Updates on England Coach recruitment and Sport England funding

20th December 2012 – Summary Minutes – 3rd meeting of interim England Committee
Objective of meeting: To Brief on the Sport England Funding settlement

  • Sport England 2013-17 Funding Offer:
    • Sport England yesterday pledged Wrestling £850k over the next cycle. This is an increase of 157% over the past cycle. This is to reward the progress achieved by Wrestling over the past four years, especially in the area of Governance
    • The money is performance based, so we will need to agree targets and meet or surpass them to retain the funding throughout the period
    • Reduction in funding by UK Sport means that Home Nations would have to contribute to GB Squads, e.g. National Talent Squad. There would also have to be contributions by athletes as in other sports.
  • Academy needs to be funded and how to this is under review
  • Selection Policy for England/Squad
    • Athletes wishing to be selected for England should all come via Regional Squads. CN said that the South should create a Regional squad.
    • Athletes should be asked to pencil in a date shortly post the 3rd Feb England Seniors, with guidelines for selections criteria for Glasgow, e.g. minimum age. Their attendance should then be confirmed post the competition
  • Appropriate team England coach/manager/admin roles and recruitment process were discussed
  • There should be open recruitment of Club and Membership Development Lead
  • Each Region should make sure that all competitors are from the BWA and from BWA affiliated clubs
  • Need to move to a formalised England Committee (beyond the interim) and all Regions should revisit the Terms of Reference document and submit comments to the England Committee by end-January (=4-6weeks)
  • Template Constitution for England Regions – A single constitution for all England Regions was agreed be a worthy goal


8th May 2012 – Summary Minutes – 2nd meeting of interim England Committee
Meeting Objective: To review England Whole Sport Plan
General Discussion

  • Merger of UK Sport and Sport England – has no effect on this planning process
  • Talent Pathway Regional Squads: – Appeal to South to catch up as North are running and Midlands now have premises identified
  • Request to have a central place on web to access funding opportunities for Clubs

The Draft Plan

  • It should be possible to have some money available for Regions against membership growth targets as has been done before that could be spent on administrative expenses etc.
  • Eric Ciake, as Talent Lead, should be invited to the Southern Region Meeting to discuss how the Talent Pathway should work
  • The plan and finances would come through the England Committee as that was mandated in the ToR of the Committee once it was formally up and running.
  • The group felt that the Programmes were appropriate and that overall the Plan seemed good


31st January 2012 – Summary Minutes – 1st meeting of interim England Committee

  • Candidate CVs for position of Chair of the interim committee were circulated prior to the meeting and candidates were questioned in the meeting by committee members. Tony Melling was voted by a majority to be Chair of the Interim England Wrestling Committee
  • The importance of coaching to the growth of Wrestling was recognised by the committee and a Coaching Representative was to be nominated by each Region with the responsibility of ensuring, as a first step, that all information on coaches was up to date
  • Job descriptions for 2x competency-based committee members (Club and Membership Development Lead and a Performance and Talent Pathway Lead) were approved for recruitment to the committee by advertising and interview
  • The interim committee decided to develop some momentum of England working together before moving onto a long-term structure. All committee members were fully committed to moving England Wrestling forward together.
  • Two of the committee had attended a 9th Jan 2012 BWA Talent Pathway meeting, (also attended by Northern Ireland and Scotland). They fed back to the meeting about positive progress on the Pathway but noted the significant funds received by Scotland to support their Commonwealth Programme for their Home Games in Glasgow 2014. This scale of funding is not available to England
  • The committee supported the progress being made on the England Club Development Project, with 22 clubs applying to join by the project’s January deadline. Clubs will shortly be informed of the next steps
  • The committee discussed the development of Wrestling’s Whole Sport Plan for 2013-2017 which must be submitted to Sport England in May 2012


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