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18 August 2019 Lead Technical Officer

See below (with document available as download from bottom of page)

18 August 2019

British Wrestling Association – Lead Technical Officer

After long and distinguished service by Dave Sudron, The British Wrestling Association is looking to appoint a new Lead Technical Officer upon Dave’s retirement and UWW rules on the age-limits of international referees.

There has been significant progress and consolidation of the sport post 2012 through the partnership of the current CE and Board. British Wrestling has stability and there is a substantial platform for development.

The new Lead Technical Official is expected to have an in-depth knowledge of wrestling and will have an understanding of the way Olympic sports operate in the UK arena.  He or She will clearly have an abiding enthusiasm for the sport of Wrestling.

He or She will take the leadership role in developing the Referee and Official Pathways to ensure that there is a vibrant “Officials Community” and ensure that the BWA has a trustworthy, unbiased and respected cadre of Referees and Officials.

This is a next-stage, and-over delayed phase of development, after an extended period during which the focus of the BWA has been to consolidate the coaching programmes.

The new Lead Technical Officer will also take the lead in keeping British Wrestling informed of all technical developments, originating from United World Wrestling (UWW,) that are cascaded to the National Federations and ensure that British Wrestling responds to these technical developments – thus ensuring that British Wrestling is seen by UWW to be an effective and efficient organisation.

Contractual status – Volunteer (Part time)

Place of work – Home based

Salary – Volunteer position, an annual honorarium and reasonable expenses claimable

Reports to – Chief Executive of the BWA

To apply for this role, please send your CV with your cover letter to

Closing deadline: Sunday 25th August 2019

Interview date will be established following closure of applications


British Wrestling Lead Technical Official Role Descriptor


To ensure that the BWA has a trustworthy, unbiased and respected cadre of Referees and Officials


  1. Coordinating the group of Referees and working closely with the Pairing Master who will coordinate the group of pairers and scoreboard personnel
  2. Be the technical point of liaison with the UWW Referee Commission and the BWA’s source of knowledge of the latest version of the UWW rules, ensuring communication of changes across the BWA and leading the BWA’s implementation/response to the changes
  3. Future planning/educational development of Referees, inc.
    1. monitoring referee numbers
    2. taking the lead in management of the Referees including grading of Referees to BWA Levels
    3. recommendation for UWW upgrade clinics/training courses
    4. rostering Referees for international tournaments in line with development needs
  4. Managing the technical component of domestic competitions
    1. Being Director at BWA-led competitions (British/English)
    2. Coordinating rostering Referees for domestic  competitions
  5. Training
    1. Be an approved Tutor enabling the leadership of Referee courses
    2. Developing a training system and content for Referee course(s)
  6. Communication
    1. Communicate with the membership about Refereeing benefits with a view to recruitment / maintaining interest, as well as communicating to athletes that knowing the rules will improve their results
    2. Communicate all change to the UWW rules to ensure that, inter alia, that Referees, officials, coaches and athletes understand the rules
    3. Leading briefings of Coaches/Officials meetings at beginning of competitions (part of communication piece of latest rules)
    4. Organise an annual Referees and Officials symposium
  7. Be the Technical delegate on the Sport Committee


The BWA is committed to providing equal opportunities for all and is committed to following best practice in the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults. For further information please consult the Policies page on

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