Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of British Wrestling provides you with the following benefits:

  • Insurance of clubs, coaches and individual members at home & abroad
  • Competitions – organisation of national competitions (many of which are loss-making after the provision of prizes) and support for Club/Regional competitions
  • Access to GB Talent Squad and the wider Talent Pathway
  • Delivery of safeguarding and vulnerable adults policies, equity and codes of conduct
  • Progressive structures of coaching awards, personal wrestling awards (i.e. a UK-specific adaptation of the UWW colour award scheme) and progressive structure of competitive opportunities
  • Training & support for volunteers and parental helpers, coaches and officials
  • National Governing Body and Government liaison
  • News and results via the British Wrestling website
  • Discount codes for members and clubs including:

MMA Matting

MMA Matting is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Martial Arts Mats. They are specialists in foam matting for a number of sports disciplines including Wrestling, Judo, MMA, Karate, BJJ, Taekwondo, Ju-jitsu and more. Members of British Wrestling receive a 10% discount code through their membership account. BWA Clubs also receive a special catalogue that caters for BWA wrestling clubs covering discounts on roll out mats and more. Their specialised team can also offer a full design, manufacture and fit-out service which includes floor mats, wall pads and post protectors. 

Archon App

British Wrestling has partnered with the Archon Bracket to help our members and clubs gain structure in any strength and conditioning work they might want to pursue. Archon works on the basis of having standardised testing through its range of assessments which include the categories of strength, power, agility, aerobic, anaerobic and bodyweight tests. Each assessment has been rigorously created alongside experts within each of their fields to ensure there is a standardised methodology to each criteria. 

Steroplast Sport

Sterosport is an online store for sports first aid, tapes and strapping, rehabilitation and trauma products to help in the prevention of sports injuries. British Wrestling has secured a 15% discount for all BWA members. Sterosport supplies sports strapping to support wrestlers during training or competition. Also for the club, we have secured discounts on mat cleaning products to help keep your mats clean and ready to wrestle on at a moment’s notice.  

Wolverson Fitness

Wolverson Fitness is the UK’s leading expert in functional fitness and gym equipment. British Wrestling has secured our members a 10% discount off a wide selection of strength and conditioning equipment that would be beneficial to our clubs and wrestlers.

Fight Outlet

Fight Outlet is the UK’s leading online supplier of online wrestling and boxing equipment. British Wrestling has secured our membership base a 5% discount code off the already discounted range of Fight Outlet. Products range from wrestling suits to boots. For more information please follow the website below and apply discount code on checkout.