Benefits of Membership

Discover the array of exclusive benefits awaiting you as a member of British Wrestling. From opportunities to compete to becoming a licensed coach, our membership offers a pathway to personal growth and fulfilment within the sport. Whether you’re seeking to hone your skills, connect with fellow wrestlers, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of our wrestling family, there’s something for everyone. Explore the advantages of membership and take your involvement in British Wrestling to the next level.

In addition to supporting the growth and development of wrestling across the UK becoming a member of British Wrestling provides you with the following benefits:

Exclusive Member Newsletter
Competition Spectator Tickets
Exclusive Membership Discounts
Volunteer at British Wrestling Registered Events
Public Liability Insurance for Training at Primary Club
Public Liability Insurance for Training in Britain
British Wrestling Colour Awards
Public Liability Insurance for Interclub Activities
Personal Accident Cover
Public Liability Insurance for Training Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada)
Access to British Wrestling Registered Competitions✅*
Public Liability Insurance to Compete Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada)
Access to British Wrestling Performance Pathway
Discounted Coach Education
Public Liability Insurance to Coach Worldwide (with a valid coach licence, excluding USA and Canada)
Public Liability Insurance to Officiate Worldwide (with a valid official licence, excluding USA and Canada)
^Time limited introductory membership not available for renewal
*Single competition designated at purchase

Below are some of the exclusive benefits available to members:

MMA Matting is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Martial Arts Mats. They are specialists in foam matting for a number of sports disciplines including Wrestling, Judo, MMA, Karate, BJJ, Taekwondo, Ju-jitsu and more. Members of British Wrestling receive a 10% discount code through their membership account. BWA Clubs also receive a special catalogue that caters for BWA wrestling clubs covering discounts on roll-out mats and more. Their specialised team can also offer a full design, manufacture and fit-out service which includes floor mats, wall pads and post protectors.

British Wrestling has partnered with the Archon Bracket to help our members and clubs gain structure in any strength and conditioning work they might want to pursue. Archon works on the basis of having standardised testing through its range of assessments which include the categories of strength, power, agility, aerobic, anaerobic and bodyweight tests. Each assessment has been rigorously created alongside experts within each of their fields to ensure there is a standardised methodology for each criterion. 

Sterosport is an online store for sports first aid, tapes and strapping, rehabilitation and trauma products to help in the prevention of sports injuries. British Wrestling has secured a 15% discount for all BWA members. Sterosport supplies sports strapping to support wrestlers during training or competition. Also for the club, we have secured discounts on mat cleaning products to help keep your mats clean and ready to wrestle on at a moment’s notice. 

Fight Outlet is the UK’s leading online supplier of online wrestling and boxing equipment. British Wrestling has secured our membership base a 5% discount code off the already discounted range of Fight Outlet. Products range from wrestling suits to boots. 

My Care Card

With NHS waiting lists at a record high there has never been a better time to start medical cover. HMCA has launched My Care Card with a range of affordable plans specifically with the under 50s in mind.

You may think you can put off taking out medical cover until you are older, but you should remember not to leave it too late. If you are diagnosed now, with no cover in place, you may well find you cannot get cover for this condition in future.

All My Care Card plans come with 24/7 access to a private helpline and app, so you can speak to a GP anytime you need, wherever you are. All our plans provide a cash benefit payable for each night you spend in an NHS hospital, so time spent in hospital will not leave you struggling to pay the bills.

The Gold Plan gives you private medical in-hospital benefits for acute conditions treated as an inpatient like illness, disease or injury. When referred by a GP you will get quick admission into a hospital of your choice at a time and a location that is convenient for you, with the benefits of a private room and en-suite.

For further information visit the exclusive My Care Card British Wrestling Association website

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