2013 Commonwealth Championships

3 Dec 2013

5th December – Men’s Freestyle Placings
India achieved Golds across every Men’s Freestyle weight
Home Nations
50kg: 5th Ross McFarlane; 6th Craig McDonald
55kg: Bronze Medal Oleksandr Madyarchyk
60kg: Bronze Medal Philip Roberts

6th December – Female Wrestling
Home Nations
48kg: Bronze Medal Fiona Robertson
48kg: 5th Donna Robertson
51kg: 4th Jayne Clason
63kg: Silver Medal Olga Butkevych
67kg: 4th Sarah Jones
7th December – Greco-Roman
55kg: 5th Stephen Andrews
60kg: 6th Damion Arzu
74kg: 6th Thomas Hawthorn

The Championships matches, results, photos will be available on YOUTUBE via 49NorthWrestling.

Home Nation Teams taking part in the Commonwealth Championships are as follows:
England – Omar Tafail,Oleksandr Madyarchyk, Philip Roberts and Olga Butkevych. They are accompanied by Anatolii Kharytoniuk (coach) and Shaun Morley (Team Leader and FILA 2 Referee)
Scotland – Donna Robertson, Fiona Robertson, Jayne Clason, Sarah Jones, Lewis Waddell, Craig McDonald, Ross McFarlane, Kieran Malone and Martin King. They are accompanied by Vlad Gladkow (coach), Richard Phillips (FILA 2 Referee) and Sandi Lyall (Physio/Team Doctor)
Wales – Damion Arzu, Craig Pilling, Thomas Hawthorn and Stephen Andrews. They are accompanied by Alan Jones (Coach & Team Leader)