2013 Nottingham Invitational

30 Mar 2013

Weight First Second Third
25K S. Danyari G. Doxey S. Harrison
W & L M & W M & W
30K J. Nekic L. Brown
Birmingham M & W
40K A. Mikelsone M. Henry M. Edwards
Bradford Bolton Mansfield
40K K. Barnes O. Higham
Sharples Octagon
57K M. Winstone B. Scott
Bristol Bolton
61K K. Colebourne R. Morgan
M & W Wrexham
69K R. Cooper
M & W
20K G. Denaeo S. Glasgow Z. Bellamy
Leicester Legion Mansfield
22K T. Bridge A. Hussain S. Bennett
W & L Fearless Mansfield
23K S. Cooper C. Meadows M. Gayson
Mansfield Bolton Lewisham
26K K. Stesel M. Porter J. Manotta
Bradford W & L Wolverhampton
27K T. Green J. Grundy J. Seddon
W & L W & L W & L
29K H. Ridings R. Edwin T Phillips
Sharples Haringey M & W
31K R. Stesel A. Hussain B. Steel
Bradford Fearless Stockton
32K M. O’Rourke G. Hudson L. Brown
Sharples AJ Wrestling M & W
34K D. Scott U. Ahmad R. Matthews
Bolton Legion Legion
37K J. Smith Y. Tehami K. Wild
Aspull Brondesbury Sharples
38K M. Nekic J. O’Rourke K. Sudron
Fearless Stockton Stockton
40K H. Limam S. Thorpe J. Hayre
Brondesbury M & W Slough
42K R. Connelly G. Jagdev A. Miah
Tryst Slough Legion
47K Z. Ahmad M. Salem M. Nekic
Legion Brondesbury Birmingham
48K T. McCann R. Takhaev O. Salem
Tryst Haringey Brondesbury
52K N. Livesey U. Abdurrahman S. McEvoy-Mellish
Bolton Fearless Octagon
53K G. Giordimaina B. Johnson C. Wallace
Malta Aspull Slough
55K B. Singh R. Kay S. Tahir
Nottingham Sharples Brondesbury
58K D. Fisher H. Ashraf A. Moussaoui
Bolton Brondesbury Brondesbury
59K A. Bhajee O. Sudron A. Hayre
Legion Stockton Slough
60K N. Ferguson A. Jurkans I. Waheed
Tryst Mansfield Brondesbury

There were 165 entries in the Nottingham Invitational including 3 athletes who made the trip from Malta. Congratulations to all those who took part.
Unfortunately at this moment the results beyong the 59K Juniors are not able to be loaded onto the website. Hopefully this will be rectified over the next couple of days. Apologies for any disappointment.

  • Event Title: 2013 Nottingham Invitational
  • Start Date: 30 Mar 2013
  • End Date: 30 Mar 2013
  • Venue:
    Bilborough Sports Centre

    Bilborough Rd
    NG8 4DQ
  • Website:
  • Contact: Kundan Boyal
  • Email: ksboyal@hotmail.co.uk