2015 European Games – Baku

13 Jun 2015
The Games takes place from 12th-28th June with wrestling from 13th-18th June
GBR representatives for the Games are:
FW 48K – Yana Rattigan
FS 125K – Chinu
Yana Rattigan’s match opened the 48K competition on Monday 18th June. Yana was drawn against Alexsandra Kohut of Ukraine. Kohut was Senior World Championships Gold medallist (2010) and European Championships Silver medallist (2012) both at 51K.
Kohut won by technical superiority after 4mins 4secs with 14 points to Yana’s 4. Kohut was then herself defeated by Germany’s Jaqueline Schellin a previous European Championships Bronze medallist (and Junior Europeans Gold medallist as a junior). Thus Yana did not proceed to the repechage.
Schelling was defeated by Bulgaria’s Yankova who was eventual Silver medallist to Mariya Stadnyk, overall 48K winner.
[The official website incorrectly lists Yana’s opposition as Oleksandra Kogut]

Heydar Alyiev Arena

Chinu’s competition was scheduled for Thursday 18th June and started with a bye to the 1/8 Finals where Chinu came up against Aleksander Khotsianivski of the Ukraine. Khotsianivski was Bronze medallist in the 2014 European Championships and placed 5th in the 2014 World Championships.
Khotsianivski won by technical superiority after 1mins 58secs with 10 points. Khotsianivski was then himself defeated by Georgia’s Petriashvili, winner of the 2014 European Championships. Thus Chinu did not proceed to the repechage.
Petriashvili was defeated by Belarus’ Semarov who was eventual Silver medalist to Turkey’s Akgul.  Petriashvili then went on to win his Bronze medal match in the repechage.
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  • Event Title: 2015 European Games – Baku
  • Start Date: 13 Jun 2015
  • End Date: 18 Jun 2015
  • Venue:
    Heydar Alyiev Arena

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