British Novices

22 Nov 2009

Weight First Second Third
24K L. McGrath
28K H. Phillips F. Hodgkinson
M & W M & W
31K C. Edge B. Taylor E. Markwall
Aspull Bolton M & W
38K B. Scott A. Doxey
Y Club M & W
44K M. Winstone A. Cooper
Bristol Y Club
47K G. Phillips J. Lowe
Causeway Giants Aspull
50K G. Ward M. Spencer
M & W M & W
55K J. Kitson P. Caswell
Knockagh Littlehampton
56K E. Parkinson S. Smethurst
Aspull Y Club
69K E. Watts M. Doxey
Aspull M & W
20k T. Phillips L. Brown C. Simmons
M & W M & W Bolton
23K K. Arik D. Scott Y Ahmas
Bolton Y Club Team USB
24K G. Hudson A. Knibb U. Ahmad
AJ Wrestling Sharples Team USB
26K M. Hanson J. Atcha S. Thorpe
Knockagh Bolton M & W
28K A. Rowe J. Cummins M. Keyes
Bristol Bolton Bolton
29K J. Colebourne S. Bamber
M & W W & L
30K C. Callow K. Simmons T. Robinson
Sharples Bolton Bolton
33K A. Bhajee M. Walker A. Mia
Team USB M & W Team USB
34K D. Collins A. Hind M. Hassan
Aspull Sharples Team USB
36K Z. Ahmed K. Winder H. Markwell
Team USB Y Club M & W
36K N. Livesey J. Naylor F. Hodgkinson
Sharples W & L M & W
41K C. McNulty K. Saxby D. Manning
Bolton M & W Y Club
42K B. Singh E. Scott T. Nourse
Birmingham Y Club Bristol
44K C. Nekili N. Shah E. Walker
Team USB Team USB M & W
46K R. Walker
M & W
48K Y. Almagrabi C. Jones
Team USB Y Club
54K M. Johnson D. Hawkins A. Evans
Sharples Bolton Aspull
56K T. Aldamov K. Balankouslis H. Melling
Team USB Team USB W & L
60K J. Haughey A. Kime D. Blake
Knockagh W & L Aspull
61K S. Phillips B. Hall C. Robson
Causeway Giants Aspull Bolton
65K J. Burnett D. Arzy
LAW AJ Wrestling
65K L. Snaddon C. Miles S. Virk
Bristol Sharples Birmingham
66K M. Smith T. Dootson
Bristol Aspull
68K J. Sghdava M. Winnard J. Powell
Birmingham Aspull AJ Wrestling
68K S. Mohabbatzadeh N. Penkethman
LAW Y Club
72K W. Barrick C. Azgharyzadegan
Aspull Bolton
76K S. Isherwood T. Kime S. Weir
Aspull Aspull W & L
76K K. Ismili S. Singh D. Penkethman
Stockton Birmingham Y Club
79K J. Nicholson K. Richards
Aspull Y Club

Entry Regulations
Date of Competition: Sunday 22 November 2009
Ages & Weights:
Junior Males and Females to be matched on the day in accordance with weight and age.  Age determined by year of birth within 3 year span.  Senior Competitors to be matched by weight on the day.
Weight Allowance: None
Sunday 22 November 2009
Entry Fee
£7 seniors, £5 all other competitors
Cheques to be made payable to:
‘Manchester YMCA Wrestling Club’
Receipt of Entries:
Completed Entry Forms together with the appropriate monies should be sent to:
Bill Cooper, 48 Norman Rd, Rusholme, MANCHESTER M14 5LE Tel: 0161 224 1093
(If there are insufficient entries by this date the event will be cancelled)
Note: All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Club Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered with the B.W.A. for 2009 at the time of competition.

  • Event Title: British Novices
  • Start Date: 22 Nov 2009
  • End Date: 22 Nov 2009
  • Venue:
    Manchester Y Club

    Liverpool Rd
    M3 4JR
  • Website:
  • Contact: Bill Cooper
  • Email: