Bucharest, Romania: Ion Cornianu & Ladislau Simon tournament

21 Jul 2017

Men and Women

Day 1
Philip Roberts
Philip won his 1st match against Austria 12-2 then lost to 11- 1 to Turkey who lost his next match to USA so Philip did not progress
George Carpenter
George Carpenter lost his 1st match 11-0 to Frank Perrelli USA. Perrelli lost his next match so George did not progress.
Curtis Dodge
Curtis Dodge lost his first match 10- 0 in the 1st round to Moldov. Curtis went into the repechage as his first opponent made the final. He lost his 2nd match to Bulgaria by a pin 1st Round.
Georgina Nelthorpe
Georgina Nelthorpe only 2 in her weight so a straight final against Turkey lost 10 – 0
Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Brown had to withdraw before the tournament with an ankle injury
Day 2
Ollie Cole
Oli Cole lost to Turkey 10 – 0 and pin; did not progress. 16 in the weight category
Sarah McDaid
Sarah McDaid lost to Romania 0-5 and pin; did not progress. 7 in the weight category
Chloe Spiteri
Chloe Spiteri had 5 in her weight category in total and had 4 matches.  Overall 5th place out of 5
  • Chloe’s first match was against Hungary losing 6-0 over the 2 rounds
  • 2nd match lost 5 – 3 to Turkey
  • 3rd match lost10 – 0 and pin Columbia
  • 4th match won 5 – 2 against Romania
Prior to the tournament the athletes attended a training camp.  Unfortunately, Wali Abdullah, who attended the camp suffered from illness and was not able to continue to the tournament.
The athletes were accompanied to the tournament by Coaches Eddy Kavanagh and Alan Jones MBE, as well as Referee Lee Seggl.
Females from the camp in Romania and England CGE Squad picture from the camp in Romania