Derbyshire Open

8 Oct 2011

Weight First Second Third
21K G. Doxey S. Harrison
M & W M & W
23K S. Danyari A. Booth L. Brown
W & L M & W M & W
30K L. Browitt A. Browitt
Aspull Aspull
32K M. Henry L. McGrath I. McGaughey
Bolton Bolton Bolton
32K A. Mikelson H. Phillips
Bradford M & W
34K K. Barnes B. Taylor T. Knibb
Sharples Bolton Sharples
48K B. Scott L. Goodwin
Bolton Bolton
50K A. Lawley B. Scott
M & W Bolton
59K K. Colebourne R. Cooper
M & W M & W
66K M. Dunne
21K C. Meadows J. Seddon
W & L W & L
21K T. Hunt J. Clossick
M & W Aspull
25K T. Phillips I. Mohammed R. Quigley
M & W Birmingham M & W
27K M. Ashton M. Karim A. Hussain
Stockton Bradford Birmingham
27K A. Knibb L. Brown M. Eyres
Sharples M & W Bolton
29K M. O’Rourke L. Hawthorn K. Johnson
Sharples Bradford W & L
30K D. Scott H. Ali J. Arwer-Langham
Bolton Bradford Nottingham
31K J. Smith A. Sohi J. Cummins
Aspull Slough Bolton
34K M. Keyes J. Colebourne J. Hayre
Bolton M & W Slough
38K C. McGaughey J. Gustard C. Ashcroft
Bolton Stockton W & L
38K T. McCann I. Sohi R. Connelly
Tryst Slough Tryst
40K M. Walker A. Ahmed
M & W Birmingham
42K L. McGrath C. McGaughey C. Boardman
Sharples Bolton Aspull
46K N. Livesey B. Harrison B. Hart
Sharples M & W W & L
47K M. Walton B. Singh D. Fisher
Sharples Nottingham Bolton
49K A. Hayre M. AbuBakr U. Hussain
Slough Birmingham Birmingham
51K O. Tafil R. Kay K. Hunt
Birmingham Sharples M & W
56K H. Khan R. Walker
Birmingham M & W
60K J. Lawley G. Singh K. Hunt
M & W Slough M & W
60K C. Bowling D. Panczyszyn M. Jollinson
Aspull Bolton Bolton
62K O. Cheetham C. Wood D. Gill
Bradford M & W Bradford
68K T. Hawthorn A. Kime
Bradford W & L
69K P. Browitt R. Hayre
Aspull Slough
73K H. Barrett L. Waddell J. Sehdeva
Y Club Tryst Birmingham
85K J. Waldron T. Kime
Bradford W & L
60K I. Harebov H. Hussein B. Morre
Academy Birmingham Midlands
64K K. Raczkowski B. Skrok D. Arzu
Bolton LSF WCE
73K B. Tserendalai T. Hawthorn R. Ward
LSF Bradford Midlands
77K A. Klair S. Edgar M. Chritie
Midlands Birmingham Midlands
78K G. Gotti S. Boult A. Davis
Midlands Sheffield Birmingham
81K S. Malitsaev J. Zadeh N. Mahomade
Nottingham Nottingham LSF
87K T. Breese A. Downs J. Waldron
Birmingham Y Club Bradford
90K Gan-Erdene T. Farrow D. France
LSF LSF Midalnds
115K R. Morris V. Kurshumliju
Birmingham LSF

There were 141 competitors at the Derbyshire Open held at Wirksworth.
Thanks to the novice referees who had the awesome task of refereeing/judging the senior matches. A special thanks to the coaches, parents and competitors who displayed such patience with our new referees!

  • Event Title: Derbyshire Open
  • Start Date: 8 Oct 2011
  • End Date: 8 Oct 2011
  • Venue:
    Wirksworth Leisure Centre

    DE4 4JG
  • Website:
  • Contact: Trevor Hoskins
  • Email: