Derbyshire Open + British Cadet Championship

2 Oct 2010

Weight First Second Third
53K L. Farrell S. Hawke
Sharples Tullibody
60K K. Kay K. Colebourne
Sharples M & W
46K B.Harper M. Tafail
Tullibody Birmingham
63K S. Phillips B. Moore C. Phillips
Causeway Giants Mansfield Causeway Giants
69K L. Waddell J. Bickerstaffe
Tryst Sharples
76K T. Clark A. Bennett
Sharples Bradford
85K T. Kime
100K M. Cox A. Hines
Aspull Nottingham
18K G. Doxey L. Brown
M & W M & W
24K C. Lea-Stone S. Phillips
M & W M & W
28K H. Phillips L. McGrath
M & W Bolton
33K R. Thorpe B. Taylor
M & W Bolton
49K S. Hawke A. Lawley G. Ward
Tullibody M & W M & W
56K K. Colebourne L. Farrell G. Phillips
M & W Sharples Causeway Giants
65K K. Kay M. Doxey
Sharples M & W
18K M. Afzal G. Fern B. Fisher
Bradford M & W Bolton
21K R. Quigley H. Phillips
M & W M & W
24K T. Phillips H. Ridings C. Simmons
M & W Sharples Bolton
25K G. Hudson A. Knibb
AJ Wrestling Sharples
25K S. Mohammed C. Hunt
Stockton Bradford
26K R. Davies L. Brown
Tullibody M & W
28K A. Singh J. Cummins K. Sudron
Slough Bolton Stockton
30K K. Robinson M. Keyes S. Thorpe
M & W Bolton M & W
32K R. Connelly I. Singh C. Callow
Tryst Slough Sharples
37K C. McGaughey O. Sudron C. McGaughey
Bolton Stockton Bolton
41K M. Walton C. Ashcroft B. Singh
Sharples Causeway Giants Nottingham
42K D. Fisher N. Livesay K. Hudson
Bolton Sharples AJWrestling
46K B. Harper M. Tafail A. Purssell
Tullibody Birmingham Knockagh
47K R. Walker C. Roach
M & W M & W
48K A. Castell
53K G. Ramm J. Lawley
Sharples M & W
54K M. Johnson R. McAllister
Sparrowhawks Sparrowhawks
58K B. Moore G. Warburton H. Atkinson
Mansfield Sharples Sparrowhawks
63K J. Bickerstaffe S. Phillips C. Phillips
Sharples Causeway Giants Causeway Giants
69K L. Waddell S. Kirk
Tryst Birmingham
70K J. Zadeh L. Cunliffe
Nottingham Sparrowhawks
74K J. Zadeh W. Barrick A. Davies
Nottingham Aspull Birmingham
76K A. Bennett T. Clark J. Sedeva
Bradford Sharples Birmingham
90K M. Cox T. Kime A. Hines
Aspull Aspull Nottingham
100K E. Cole J. Harvey
Y Club Mansfield
70K R. McLucas A. Castledine D. Kidd
Tryst Mansfield Mansfield
74K J. Zadeh J. Parry S. Yosipw
Nottingham Aspull Nottingham
80K S. Malitsaev S. Mirza J. Hunt
Nottingham Ua Bradford
86K I. Ruza A. Mallender D. Dawson
Bradford Team USB Y Club
100K T. Denham S. Farahani E. Cole
Stockton Ua Y Club

Entry Regulations Derbyshire Open

Junior Males and Females born 1993 to 2005 inclusive (We have Mini Wrestlers 5yrs up)
Senior Males and Females born 1992 or before
Either: Friday 1st October 1900-2100hrs
Or: Saturday 2nd October at 0830-0930hrs.
Weights: Juniors to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines.  Seniors to be matched on the day.
No Weight Group to be larger than 5 (No Repechage)
Weight Allowance None
Entry Fees:
£5 (schoolchild i.e. U11’s)
£10 (All other entries)
Receipt of Entries: Could Club Coaches please E Mail Approximate numbers and ages to Or by text to Trevor’s mobile
Closing Date for Entries:
No Closing date as such (early notification by 26th September of numbers would be appreciated)
Awards: Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.
Competition Director: Mr Trevor Hoskins
Official in Charge: Mr Tony Phillips
All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Clubs, Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered with the B.W.A. for 20010.
Wrestling Commences: 11.00 am
Entry Regulations for 2010 British Cadet Championships
This Championships is being run for 16 & 17 year olds with the inclusion of 15 year old competitors, provided they have permission of their parents and club coach (The attached Parental Consent form should be completed and produced at the time of weigh-in). The male cadets have specific weight categories with no weight allowance and the females will be matched on the day.
Cadets (Male) 16-17yrs
1. 39-42 kg
2. 46 kg
3. 50 kg
4. 54 kg
5. 58 kg
6. 63 kg
7. 69 kg
8. 76 kg
9. 85 kg
10. 85-100 kg
Cadets (Female) 16-17yrs
Females to be matched on the day.
Wrestlers aged 15 years may enter the Cadet competition with Parental and Club Coach’s permission.
Event organiser: Trevor Hoskins
Entry forms to be emailed in advance of the 1st October 2010 or text numbers to Trevor’s mobile

  • Event Title: Derbyshire Open + British Cadet Championship
  • Start Date: 2 Oct 2010
  • End Date: 2 Oct 2010
  • Venue:
    Wirksworth Leisure Centre

    Wirksworth Leisure Centre,
    DE4 4JG
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