European Cadet Championships

8 Aug 2011
Tuesday 9th August
George Ramm (58K) drew Latvia in his first round he won his first round, lost in the second and unfortunately was pinned with a half nelson in the 3rd round. Latvia then lost to Azerbaijan and so George does not progress further. George placed 18/21
Tony McKenna (69K) also drew Latvia in his first round match and lost 0-1, 0-1. The Latvian was then beaten by France and so Tony does not progress further. Tony placed 19/23
Wednesday 10th August
Brian Harper (46K) lost to Macedonia 0-7, 0-6 in his first match. The Macedonian then went on to lose against Moldova so Brian does not progress further. Brian placed 18/20
Thursday 11th August
Chelsea Murphy (56K) lost to Ukraine in her first match 1-3,0-2. The Ukrainian then lost to Belarus so Chelsea does not progress any further. Chelsea placed 11/17
Friday 12th August
Shannon Hawke lost to Roumania in her first match 0-7, 0-7. The Roumanian then lost to Ukraine so Shannon did not progress any further. She placed 20/20
Lisa Cardwell lost to Hungary 0-8, 6-9 in her first round match. The Hungarian then lost to Ukraine and so Lisa did not progress any further. She placed 13/20
GBR will be sending the following team to the European Cadet Championships in Warsaw:
Shannon Hawke
Chelsea Murphy
Lisa Cardwell
Brian Harper
George Ramm
Tony McKenna
They will be accompanied by Anatolii Kharytoniuk (England Development Coach), Oleg Druzhynets (FILA Referee) and Elizabeth Scott (Welfare Officer)

  • Event Title: European Cadet Championships
  • Start Date: 8 Aug 2011
  • End Date: 13 Aug 2011
  • Venue:
    Warsaw School of Life Science

    Ciszzewskiego 10
    02-786 Warsaw
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