Grand Prix of Spain

9 Jul 2010
Please find below the results from the Grand Prix in Spain:
Craig Mckenna lost 0-13, 0-4 to Romania.
Viorel Etko lost 2-5, 1-3 to Finland
Sean Keogh won his first round match 11-5, 5-0 against Spain then lost his next match 3-12, 1-3 against Kazakhstan
Fiona Robertson lost 1-3, 1-3 against Spain
Donna Robertson lost 0-8, 0-3 against Romania
Jayne Clason lost 0-7, 0-5 against Romania and lost 0-13, 0-4 in repechage against France
Tracy Connell lost 1-14, 1-4 against Spain
Sarah Jones lost 4-10, 1-3 against Austria

The following team from Scotland will be participating in the Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid this weekend:
Craig McKenna, Viorel Etko, Sean Keogh
Fiona Robertson, Donna Robertson, Jayne Clason, Kathryn Marsh, Tracy Connell and Sarah Jones
They will be accompanied by Volodymyr Gladkow (Coach), Tom Kirkpartick (Referee), Alan Harper, John Keogh and Gerry Malone.

  • Event Title: Grand Prix of Spain
  • Start Date: 9 Jul 2010
  • End Date: 11 Jul 2010
  • Venue:Pabellon Exterior del CSD C/Martin Fierro
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