Kolbotn Cup

29 Oct 2010
Shannon won silver medal
Katy and Kelly both won bronze medals
Laura lost her bronze medal match and was placed 4th
Sweden, Norway, and Poland are the main countries competing. 13 countries in total participated in the competition.

Good Luck to the female team members of the NTS who will be travelling to Kolbotn, Norway to compete in the Kolbotn Cup.
The team consists of:
Katy Colebourne
Laura Farrell
Shannon Hawke
Kelly Kay
They are accompanied by Anatolii Kharytoniuk (England Development Coach) and Deborah Colebourne, Welfare Officer.

  • Event Title: Kolbotn Cup
  • Start Date: 29 Oct 2010
  • End Date: 31 Oct 2010
  • Venue:
    Sofiemyr Idrettshall, Oslo

    Holbergs vei 39
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