Northern Ireland Closed Championships

26 Sep 2009

Weight First Second Third
SCHOOL R. Winchester Z. Spence
Redhog Redhog
26K R. Winchester S. Kennedy L. Montgomery
Redhog Waterside Sharks Redhog
28K L. Matchett J. Creegan L. Kennedy
Knockagh Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks
31K J. Ashcroft T. Sherry S. Kane
Waterside Sharks Dublin Larne Panthers
34K A. McCrossan C. Barlett S. Hickson
Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks
38K M. Elliot N. Fryer
Knockagh Waterside Sharks
39K C. Ashcroft A. Purssell
Waterside Sharks Belfast Bulls
43K C. Burns B. McCausland B. Spence
Belfast Bulls Waterside Sharks Redhog
46K G. Phillips B. Walker
Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks
51K C. Ashcroft C. Phillips B. Davern
Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks Dublin
57K B. Pollin A. Spence
Waterside Sharks Redhog
58K J. Haughey D. Taylor
Knockagh Waterside Sharks
66K D. Roscoe N. Watson M. McCrossan
Knockagh Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks
Waterside Sharks Larne Panthers
61K S. Phillips D. Preston
Waterside Sharks Redhog
70K S. Tauev A. Getoev R. Fagan
Dublin Dublin Cobra MA
80K S. Tufts K. McGurkin
Redhog Knockagh
Cobra MA Dublin
73K Norik R. Abdrainod
Belfast Bulls Dublin
78K N. Parkes J. Parkhill L. Walker
Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks Waterside Sharks
84K N. Parkes B. Duggan C. Gayle
Waterside Sharks Dublin Waterside Sharks
95K M. McLaughlin G. Elliot
Cobra MA Redhog
103K D. Kennedy M. Montgomery R. Blair
Dublin Redhog Waterside Sharks

Waterside Sharks Team
This is the Northern Ireland Closed Championships, so each wrestler must have been born in Ireland or has an Irish parent or have lived in Ireland for at least 2 years and must be affiliated to a registered club.
There is no closing date however a list of entries, giving the name, year of birth and approximate body weight of each wrestler should be forwarded to the Tournament Director prior to the event by club officials.  The list should include a club coach assessment of the individuals standard of ability e.g. Experienced, Developing, or Novice.
Weigh In
Between 10.00 hrs – 11.00 hrs on Saturday 26th September 2009 at the venue
Ages and Weights:
Minis and FUNdamental
Mini wrestlers (under 8 yrs old on the day) and FUNdamental wrestlers (under 12 yrs on the day) will be grouped on the day into categories; there are no formal weight categories for this section of the event. The Competition will be run under the BWA format for non-championship tournaments. All wrestlers will be matched after the weigh-in, to ensure that there is appropriate competition taking into account the following criteria:

  • Actual body weight at the weigh in
  • Age on the day of competition
  • Standard and experience of the wrestler

Wrestlers will then compete against those of similar weight, age (usually confined to a 2 years difference) and wrestling ability to ensure that there is a real and meaningful contest for all those entered.
School Age – 12 yrs to 15 yrs of age on the day
Boys only       -38K:  -42K:  -46K:  -50K:  -55K:  -60K:  -66K:  +66K
Girls only        -34K:  -38K:  -42K:  -47K:  -51K:  -55K:  -63K:  +63K
Cadet and Junior – 16 yrs to 19 yrs of age on the day
Young Men           -55K:  -60K:  -66K:  -74K:  -84K:  -96K:  +96K
Young Women     -43K:  -47K:  -51K:  -55K:  -61K:  -70K:  +70K
Senior 20 years+
Men               -60K:  -66K:  -74K:  -84K:  -96K:  -120K:  +120K
Women          -47K:  -51K:  -55K:  -61:  -70:  -78K:  +78K:
The Organisers reserve the right to amalgamate adjacent weight categories.

  • All competitors from NI must produce a current individual membership of the BWA
  • Method of Competition will be by Pools and/or Knock Out
  • Medals for first, second and third places
  • Wrestling Commences at 11.30 am
  • Weight Allowance:   NonE

Tournament Director: Tom Hardy
c/o 110 Dellwood, Eglinton, Londonderry, BT47 3XF
Telephone Enquiries +44 7595733790
Official in Charge: Barry Pollin

  • Event Title: Northern Ireland Closed Championships
  • Start Date: 26 Sep 2009
  • End Date: 26 Sep 2009
  • Venue:

    Old Clondermot School,
    Irish Street,
    BT47 2DB
  • Website:
  • Contact: Tom Hardy
  • Email: