Coronavirus Update on Return to the Mat

Following the Government’s announcement’s latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that some elements of the lockdown are being relaxed. However, there are still no indications when wrestling may be able to return to the mat. 

Current Situation

British Wrestling staff and volunteers are working hard to prepare for when the opportunity to return arises. We, like you, are keen to get back to wrestling as soon as it is safe to do so. We are working with the Government alongside other sports on ensuring that we can support our clubs and coaches to return to the mat. 

Whilst other countries, who have been less affected by the pandemic, may be starting to get back on the mat we have to recognise our UK situation. It is important that we continue to follow the advice and guidance from the government and wait until British Wrestling is able to endorse a return to the mat.

Until then we are continuing to work with clubs to offer support, and we will release more information about what we have been doing tomorrow. We are also continuing to support and encourage people to engage with Wrestling online and stay active supporting the #StayInWorkOut campaign.  

Input into Return to the Mat Plan

In conjunction with the British Government and our partners, such as Sport England and UK Sport, we are working hard on contingency plans around a return to sport. The current assumption is that some kind of social distancing will be in place for some time to come and once we know for sure, we will be issuing guidance to all clubs about what that means for Wrestling.

If you would like to input into the Return to the Mat plan please contact Craig Anthony,

Note that it is likely our elite athletes will be able to return to some form of training before the rest of the Wrestling family – we will update you on this and share any best practice that may be relevant.

In the meantime, our commitment to you is that we will keep you informed every step of the way and as soon as we are able, provide clear guidance about the return to the sport we love.

Stay Safe