Copy 3 – 13th Tryst Open

13th Tryst Open

12 Sep 2009

Weight First Second Third
24K H. Phillips L. McGrath
M & W Bolton
38K A. Lawley A. Doxey K. Heathcote
M & W M & W M & W
40K A. Upton C. Burns
W & L Knockagh
44K L. Farrell S. Hawke
W & L Tullibody
53K K. Colebourne E. Parkinson
M & W Aspull
56K D. Kay J. Kitson
Bolton Larne
58K C. Murphy J. Smith
Tullibody W & L
64K L. Salmon L. Kay
Aspull Sharples
65K R. Smith A. Upton M. Doxey
W & L W & L M & W
70K E. Watts S. Fletcher
Aspull Aspull
22K L. Brown T. Phillips H. Ridings
M & W M & W Sharples
26K M. Hanson J. Colebourne R. Davies
Knockagh M & W Tullibody
28K R. Connelly R. Handley T. McCann
Tryst Aspull Tryst
30K C. Keatings S. McAspurran
Tullibody Tryst
33K S. Crow S. Longthorne D. Collins
Hercules Bolton Aspull
35K D. Watson K. Davies M. Heathcote
M & W Tullibody M & W
36K S. Walker N. Livesy B. Harrison
Milngavie Sharples M & W
40K B. Harper M. Walton J. Hargreaves
Tullibody Sharples Sharples
49K G. Ramm J. Lawley K. Taylor
Sharples M & W Tryst
53K J. Bickerstaff A. Evans J. McGregor
Sharples Aspull Milngavie
58K J. Cartwright G. Jones T. Hawthorn
Sharples Milngavie Bradford
62K A. Kime A. Littler L. McKeown
W & L Aspull Tryst
66K T. McKenna O. Parker D. Rosco
Milngavie Sharples Knockagh
69K Z. Noori W. Barrick M. Sudron
Bradford Aspull Stockton
72K L. Carson T. Kime H. Martin
Sharples W & L Tullibody
82K S. Tufts L. Kirby
Knockagh Aspull
90K C. McGrath R. Murray
Bolton Milngavie
106K D. Mercier
54K I Ahmed
74K B. McLucas N. Tully G. Crompton
Tryst Aspull Aspull
91K C. Kernaghan

Junior Males and Females born 6yrs to 18yrs
Senior Males and Females 18yrs +
Entry Fee £10
Closing date
Closing date 5th September (early notification of   numbers would be appreciated)
Weigh-In Tryst Sports Centre
Friday 11th September
20.30 – 21.00
Saturday 12th September
08.30 – 0.900hrs
Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.
Competition Director Mr Steven Mckeown
Official in Charge Mr Victor Keelan

  • Event Title: 13th Tryst Open
  • Start Date: 12 Sep 2009
  • End Date: 12 Sep 2009
  • Venue:
    Tryst Sports Centre

    Tryst Walk,
    G67 1EW
    01236 728138
  • Website:
  • Contact: Steven Mckeown
  • Email:


Sep 22 2009


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Tryst Sports Centre
Tryst Walk, Cumbernauld, G67 1EW
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