2010 Commonwealth Games

4 Oct 2010

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Home Nation Medal Summary:

Team England

Gold: Myroslav Dykun
Silver: Terence Bosson
Bronze: Sasha MadyarchykLeon Rattigan

…Overall, the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games have been the most successful for England since 1986, with its first Commonwealth Games medals for 16 years, and its first gold for 24 years


Wrestling Day 6 (Oct 10)
Male Freestyle 55; 66; 84; 120kg

ENG 55kg   Scott Gregory 5=/10
ENG 66kg   Philip Roberts  5=/14
ENG 84kg   Jag Bhullar      9/12
ENG 120Kg Mark Cocker    5=/8

SCO 55kg Craig McKenna  7/10
SCO 84kg Sean Keogh      5=/12

WAL 55kg Craig Pilling      4 /10


Wrestling Day 5 (Oct 9)
Male Freestyle 60; 74; 96kg

Bronze medals for Oleksandr Madyarchyk (ENG) and Leon Rattigan (ENG) in the 60K and 96K weight categories respectively.

ENG 60kg Sasha Madyarchyk 3/11
ENG 74kg Mike Grundy          5=/9
ENG 96kg Leon Rattigan        3/12

SCO 60kg Viorel Etko            5=/11

WAL 60kg Damion Arzu          8/11

NIR 96kg Mark Montgomery 5=/12


Wrestling Days 4 (Oct 8)
Female Wrestling 51; 59; 67kg

ENG 51kg Jo Madyarchyk     5=/7
ENG 59kg Louisa Salmon      4/6

SCO 51kg Donna Robertson 7/7
SCO 59kg Kathryn Marsh    5/6
SCO 67kg Ashlea McManus 4/7

WAL 67kg Sarah Connolly   6/7

Wrestling Days 3 (Oct 7)
Female Wrestling 48; 55; 63; 72kg

SCO 48kg Fiona Robertson  5/6
SCO 55kg Jayne Clason      4/6
SCO 67kg Tracy Connell     9/9
SCO 72kg Sarah Jones       4/7

WAL 48kg Kiran Manu        6/6
WAL 55kg Non Evans         5/6
WAL 63kg Kate Rennie       7/9


 Wrestling Day 2 (Oct 6) – Gold Medal for Myroslav Dykun (ENG)
Male G-R 55; 66; 84; 120kg

Myroslav Dykun won through to the final of the 66K – GR after pinning the Indian in the first round and beating the AUS in the semi-finals. He pinned the Canadian in the final in the 1st round

Brett Hawthorn (WAL) also in the 66K GR was in the Bronze medal repechage but lost in 2 rounds to the Indian Kumar.

ENG   66kg Myroslav Dykun  1/8
ENG   84kg Mohamed Osman 9/9
ENG 120kg Mark Cocker        5/6

SCO  84kg Sean Keogh         7/9

WAL  66kg Brett Hawthorn    4/8


Wrestling Day 1 (Oct 5)
Male G-R 60; 74; 96kg

Terence Bosson (ENG) won the silver medal in the 60K – GR iin the final against the Indian.  He won through to the final after a convincing win over Pakistan and pinning the South African in the semi-final.

ENG 60kg Terence Bosson  2/7

NIR 96kg Mark Montgomery 5/8

  • Event Title: 2010 Commonwealth Games
  • Start Date: 4 Oct 2010
  • End Date: 10 Oct 2010
  • Venue:Indira Gandhi Sports Complex – New Delhi
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Oct 04 2010 - Oct 10 2010


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Indira Gandhi Sports Complex
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