2011 NI Open Freestyle Championships

30 Apr 2011

Walton Hart writes:

The Northern Ireland Open Wrestling Championships was organized by the Knockagh Wrestling Club and took place in Downshire School, Carrickfergus on the 30th April 2011.

The action began with a Tag Wrestling Competition for the novice wrestlers who wished to take part in the day and gain some experience of competing in front of a crowd.

The 12 young wrestlers, both male and female, many of whom had only been wrestling a few months put on a great display of ability and determination.

In the main event were 10 wrestling clubs across the UK, Ireland and one competitor travelling all the way from Spain to take part in the competition.

This provided 65 wrestlers from the age of 7 years old and above who rose to the challenge and provided a magnificent display of wrestling in their pursuit of the championship win.

The action took place across two mats and the day ran very smoothly for all those involved with a minimum of disruption.

Many of those who attended, both coaches and wrestlers, congratulated the organisers of the event for a well run competition and an event which had a very high standard of wrestling.

On behalf of the Organizers I would like to thank the following:

  • To all those wrestlers who came and made the day a special event in our calendar
  • To the coaches who brought teams and kept the action flowing with having their wrestlers ready and respecting the referees and officials
  • To all of the parents and helpers who have supported this event

A special thanks goes to Victor Keelan for the benefit of his refereeing skills and assisting with the running of our competition.

Club Results Gold Silver Bronze Total
Knockaugh Raiders 4 8 2 14
Tryst Lions 5 1   6
Redhog Wrestling 3 2 1 6
Causeway Giants   2 3 5
Hercules 3 1   4
Larne Panthers   1 3 4
AJ Wrestling   1 3 4
Bolton 3     3
Waterside Sharks   1 1 2
Castro de Vigo 1     1

Individual Results

  Under 10 29kgs          
1 Robert Winchester   Redhog Wrestling  
2 Tristan Walsh   Causeway Giants  
3 George Hudson   AJ Wrestling Club  
  Under 10 31kgs          
1 Michael Keyes   Bolton      
2 Michael Hanson   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Brandon Boyd   Causeway Giants  
  Under 10 38kgs          
1 Taylor McCann   Tryst Lions    
2 David Scott     Hercules, Dublin  
3 Scott kane     Larne Panthers    
  Under 11 42kgs          
1 Declan Fisher   Bolton      
2 Matthew Elliott   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Andrew McCrossan   Waterside Sharks  
  Under 11 60kgs          
1 Kyle Taylor     Tryst Lions    
2 Cameron Burns   Redhog Wrestling  
  Under 13 34kgs          
1 Ross Connelly   Tryst Lions    
2 Jake Harbinson   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Aaron Robinson   Larne Panthers    
  Under 14 48kgs          
1 Andrew Purssell   Knockagh Raiders  
2 Adam Castell   AJ Wrestling Club  
3 Kieran Hudson   AJ Wrestling Club  
  Under 14 56kgs          
1 Shane Webb   Redhog Wrestling  
2 Bobbie Cardwell   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Jamie McCombe   Larne Panthers    
  Under 14 59kgs          
1 Bobbie Cardwell   Knockagh Raiders  
2 Jennifer Barr   Knockagh Raiders  
  Under 15 64kgs          
1 Clinton Scott   Hercules, Dublin  
2 Juston Haughey   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Thomas Little   AJ Wrestling Club  
  Under 15 72kgs          
1 Lewis Waddell   Tryst Lions    
2 Matthew McCrossan Waterside Sharks  
  Cadet 57kgs          
1 Lisa Cardwell   Knockagh Raiders  
  Cadet 60kgs          
1 Lee McKeown   Tryst Lions    
  Junior 62kgs          
1 Lisa Cardwell   Knockagh Raiders  
2 Jenny Kitson   Larne Panthers    
3 Orla Doherty   Causeway Giants  
  Senior 66kgs          
1 Mark Nepal     Hercules, Dublin  
2 Aaron Grandville   Knockagh Raiders  
3 Min Yeo     Knockagh Raiders  
  Junior 74kgs          
1 Declan Dalton   Redhog Wrestling  
2 Mark Alexander   Causeway Giants  
  Senior 74kgs          
1 Danny Fisher   Bolton      
2 Bobby McLucas   Tryst Lions    
3 Dean Gordon   Knockagh Raiders  
  Senior 84kgs          
1 Dominik Olasik   Hercules, Dublin  
2 Ali Maclean     Knockagh Raiders  
3 Chris Gayle     Causeway Giants  
  Senior 96kgs          
1 Eder Villanueva Gonzalaz Castro de Vigo    
2 Glenn Elliott   Redhog Wrestling  
3 Ryan Kelly     Redhog Wrestling  

Weights: To be matched by Weight and D.O.B.

Ages: School Kids / Juniors / Seniors both Male and Female

Weigh-In: Friday 29th April from 18:00 to 20:00 in

Greenisland Youth Centre
15c Glassillan Grove,
Greenisland, BT38 8TE

Entry Fee: £10 per competitor

Entries (completed form plus fee) to:

Dave Finlay
62 Glenkeen Drive
BT38 8XG
Tel: 028 9086 4442

Closing Date: Friday 22th April
No entries will be accepted at the weigh-in

Awards: Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions

Note: All UK officials / coaches and competitors must be registered with BWA for 2011 (or with their own association)


Entry form available for download

  • Event Title: 2011 NI Open Freestyle Championships
  • Start Date: 30 Apr 2011
  • End Date: 30 Apr 2011
  • Venue:
    Downshire SchoolDownshire Rd
    Northern Ireland
    BT38 7DA
  • Website:
  • Contact: Dave Finlay
  • Email: Knockaghwrestlingclub@hotmail.co.uk


Apr 30 2011


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Downshire SchoolDownshire Rd
Carrickfergus Northern Ireland BT38 7DA
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