2014 SWA Extraordinary General Meeting

2014 SWA Extraordinary General Meeting

24 Nov 2014

Minute for the Scottish Wrestling Association EGM, held on the 24th November 2014
SWA Articles of Association:- Proposals of the Articles as a Living Document to be aligned with the United World Wrestling and British Wrestling Association Ltd organisational structure, and to be ratified by BWA Ltd.
The SWA is moving towards incorporation as a non-profit making independent body as a Ltd Company.
The Articles were formally proposed and seconded for approval; unanimously without dissent; and was duly recorded.
Under due democratic process of the Standing Orders, an Independent Chairperson was elected.
The election of Interim Board of Directors until an AGM to be held 1st quarter of 2015.
Board Members Proposed, Seconded, Elected and formally appointed:

Victor Keelan Chairman
Brian J Harper (Snr) Finance Director
Colin McLaren Development & National Talent Pathways Director
Alan Airlie Policy Director
Alex Gladkov Broad Portfolio: Marketing, Membership & IT Communications Director
Ross MacFarlane Portfolio of Athlete Representative Director

All SWA Ltd Board Members are voluntary basis.
The Chairperson asked for any relevant questions on the Articles of Association: there were none recorded.
Published on the British Wrestling website 5th December 2014

An Extraordinary Meeting of the SWA will take place at 1900hrs on Monday 24 November 2014 at the below venue.
The Agenda is as follows:
1. Ratification of the Articles of Association for Incorporation of the Scottish Wrestling Association to a Limited Company
2. Election of interim Office Bearers of the new Company until the AGM in early 2015


Nov 24 2014


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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