2018 Slam Birmingham (Freestyle Wrestling Competition)

22 Sep 2018

Weight First Second Third
24k  Bailey Everett-Jones  Abigail Roberts   
  Aspull Warriors  W&L   
28k  Grace Costello  Mia Kipling   
  Bolton  Bolton   
32k  simarpreet kaur  Ruby Leader   
  Slough  Bolton   
47k  Megan Kipling  Shannon Harrison   
  Bolton  M&W   
52k  shakila danyari  Manpreet kaur   
  W&L  Slough   
41k  Annisa Lambert  TIANA KAUR Randhawa   
  Unattached  Slough   
21k  Zakariyyah Saqib  Ibrahim Hussain  Ishan Nijhar 
  Unattached  Nelson  Slough 
23k  Amir Abakarov  Taha Abbas  Jacob Mcghie 
  W&L  Unattached  Unattached 
25k  ALI DJAMALUTDINOV  giorgi esebua  Muhammad Hyder Husayn 
  City of Manchester  West London  Nelson 
27k  Ishmael Brown  Paul Liptrot  Isah Khan 
  Unattached  W&L  West London 
27k  Jamie Sahota  Eesa Saqib  Jake Porter 
  Slough  Unattached  W&L 
28k  DANOUSH JOWKAR  Harry Meadows  Regan Greeley 
  City of Manchester  Bolton  Aspull Warriors 
30k  DYLAN NIJHAR  Logan Smith  Harvey Murtagh 
  Slough  Unattached  Unattached 
31k  Luke Bennison-Moore  Musa Shafiq  feidhelm douglas 
  Castle Hill  Impact  Manchester Y 
33k  Marshall Everett-Jones  Shamsher Singh  Dylan Randhawa 
  Aspull Warriors  Wolverhampton  Slough 
34k  Arin Sekirden  HUSSAIN ALI  Burhan Hanifi 
  Bolton  Unattached  Unattached 
35k  Yusuf Mohammed  Harry Berry  Zain Zahid 
  Impact  Unattached  Futuwwa 
36k  UMAR GADZHIEV  Abdur-Rahman Bin-Sajid  ryan brough 
  City of Manchester  Futuwwa  M&W 
39k  paul douglas  Khizer Shahzad   
  Manchester Y  Futuwwa   
40k  Tommy Costello  Jeevan Khera   
  Bolton  Slough   
40k  Charlie Meadows  oliver stirrup  Lewis Mulligan 
  Bolton  Aspull Warriors  Aspull Warriors 
41k  Abdullah Imran  FELIX WOODWARD  Sulayman Imran 
  Unattached  M&W  Unattached 
44k  ABUBAKR GADZHIEV  Thomas bridge  Harvey May 
  City of Manchester  W&L  Bolton 
47k  Mohammed Ahmed  Alfie Gallagher  Umar Mukhtar 
  Unattached  Bolton  Impact 
50k  Tamas Jakab  David Siko  SHAMIL GADZHIEV 
  Unattached  Sharples  City of Manchester 
51k  JOSHUA MOORE  Malachi O’Neill  Arshaq Farooq 
  Sharples  Sharples  West London 
54/56k  Zayd Yaqub  Lucas Smith  Musa Alam 
  Unattached  Unattached  Futuwwa 
62k  Koen Perry  Cameron Leader  michael gerry jack porter 
63k  Harvey Ridings  Gurjoth Hothi  Herman Dulai 
  Aspull Warriors  Slough  Slough 
71k  Hewad Hanifi  Patrick Burrows  Cameron Ashcroft 
  Unattached  City of Manchester  W&L 


Slam Birmingham 2018 (Freestyle Wrestling Competition)
Date of Competition
Saturday 22nd Sept 2018
Joseph Chamberlain Fitness Centre
1 Belgrave Road, Birmingham B12 9FF
Morning only weigh in 0800-0900.

Any person 5yrs to 16yrs inclusive on the date of competition
All Wrestlers to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines
Entry Fees:
Early bird (until 5th Sept) £10;
Last last 2 weeks £15
Limited Numbers: 130 (for 2 mats)
Online Entries Only Click Here to enter the competition
Competitors can only be entered on-line if their membership is valid for 2018. Any person not registered or whose entry has not been received by the closing date will not be allowed to participate.
Closing Date for Entries
1700hrs on Tuesday 18th Sept 2018

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
Competition Director: Trevor Hoskins trevor.hoskins@gmail.com
Official in Charge: Richard Phillips samanthaphillips@hotmail.co.uk
Designated Safeguard Officer: Naseem
All other enquiries Contact
Mobile:  07718 948378
BWA Membership
All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Clubs, Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered with the B.W.A. for 2018
Coach ID
Coaches must display their Coach ID.
Wrestling Commences


  • Event Title: 2018 Slam Birmingham (Freestyle Wrestling Competition)
  • Start Date: 22 Sep 2018
  • End Date: 22 Sep 2018
  • Venue:
    Joseph Chamberlain Fitness Centre

    1 Belgrave Road
    B12 9FF
  • Website:
  • Contact: Sahara
  • Email: sahara@impactfitnessacademy.com


Sep 22 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Joseph Chamberlain Fitness Centre
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