2019 English Junior Open Championships

  Weight First Second Third
  27k Phoebe Cocker Abigail Roberts Elizabeth Phillips
    Sharples   Unaffiliated M&W
  29k Grace Costello Mia Kipling Emma Yates
    Bolton  Bolton  Unaffiliated
  32k simarpreet kaur Amina Magomayev Alice Briffa
    Unaffiliated Dublin Ireland Unaffiliated
  33k Ellie Martland Ruby Leader Kia Liptrot
    Sharples   Bolton  Unaffiliated
  49k Shannon Harrison Svetlozara Yakova Charlotte Mc Guigan
    M&W Castle Hill  Erne
  54k shakila danyari Manpreet kaur Megan Kipling
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Bolton 
  59k Ella Johnson April Mc Guigan  
    Unaffiliated Erne  
  62k Kelsey Barnes LUCY MCGRATH Abbie Fountain
    Sharples   Bolton  SW Centre
  74k rosie thorpe    
  91k Lala Javadova     
MALE 8-13        
  22k Olivier Zelichowski Awais Ahmed Taha Abbas
    Bolton  Unattached Unattached
  25k Amir Abakarov Harley Martland dillan clossick
    City of Manchester Sharples   Unaffiliated
  30k Harry Meadows Abdul Haddy Mahmood Luke Macdonald
    Bolton  Unattached Unaffiliated
  30k Ilyas Chaudhery Jamie Sahota Mohsin  Asghar
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  31k Nabi Kaziev Regan Greeley yaseen bijbulatov
    Unattached Unaffiliated Sheffield WC
  34k Marshall Everett-Jones Lenny Unsworth Oliver Lawford
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unattached
  34k Arin Sekirden Logan Bird George Watson
    Bolton  Unaffiliated Unattached
  38k UMAR GADZHIEV Jeevan Khera Abdur-Rahman Bin-Sajid
    City of Manchester Unaffiliated Futuwwa
  39k Yusuf Mohammed Imarn Rashid Sulayman Chagtai
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  42k oliver stirrup Makenzie Fisher Tommy Costello
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Bolton 
  44k Abdullah Imran Sulayman Imran  
    Unattached Unattached  
  45k Charlie Meadows ABUBAKR GADZHIEV Taylor Everett-Jones
    Bolton  City of Manchester Unaffiliated
  50k David Siko Thomas bridge Solomon Bennett
    Sharples   Unaffiliated M&W
  52k Aebram Hanifi jay bassi  
    Unaffiliated Unattached  
  58k Gourav Bhatia    
  60k Musa Alam balraj bassi  
    Futuwwa Unattached  
  62k Cheytan Singh Pooni Arundeep Atkar  
    Unaffiliated Unattached  
  64k Koen Perry michael gerry jack porter Cameron Leader
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Bolton 
  71k Muhammad Saleem    
MALE 15+under      
  37k Zain Zahid    
  50k Tamas Jakab Shamil Gadzhiev Manvir Randhawa
    Unattached City of Manchester Northampton WC
  52k Musa Nadim Zayan  Rauf Lewis Robinson
    Unaffiliated Sheffield WC Unattached
  60k Micah Naisbet hamza hussain Taha Kheir
    Unaffiliated Bolton  Unaffiliated
  64k jack grundy Darragh Love Isa Mahmood Shaikh
    Unaffiliated Erne Unaffiliated
  75k Benjamin Godfrey matthew crozier  
    Unaffiliated Erne  
  80k Umar Daulatzai Bilal Sharabi Kulraj Atkar
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unattached
  100k Ibrahim Abdul Karim    
MALE Cadet        
  45k Bradley Metcalfe joshua clossick Mohammed Isa
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  51k Malachi O’Neill JOSHUA MOORE Marwan El mouden
    Sharples   Sharples   Unattached
  60k Georgi Nikolov Gurjoth Hothi  
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated  
  65k Ahmad Safi Ellis crossley Omer Ercan
    Unaffiliated Sharples   Unaffiliated
  80k Mateusz Mazurowski Patrick Moore Isa Khalil Alam
    Unattached Unaffiliated Futuwwa
MALE Junior      
  57k Harvey Ridings Yahia Tehami Malachy O’Rourke
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Sharples  
  61k Ross Connelly Bereket Panicucci  
    SW Centre Unaffiliated  
  65k Abdullah Hanan Ehsan Hussain Fawad Khan
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  70k Mario Stankov James Fairhurst sal mahmood
    Barton Athletic Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  74k Abdullah Bhaijee Ede Jakab Harry Luckman
    Unaffiliated Unattached Colchester
  79k gavinda singh Saroop Bal  
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated  
  86k nathan livesey    
  120k Ibrahim Madi    

The Regulations for this Championships are now available (below and downloadable).  On-line entries will be enabled shortly.

The BWA wishes to explain that the switch of venue was caused by a verbal agreement on the availability of the first venue being turned over, hence, whilst the BWA is keen to give parents as much notice as possible (in future) the BWA will only release details of a venue only once a booking form has been signed.

Entry Regulations  


Date of Competition

Saturday April 6th 2019


Wildcats Arena

Greenwood Rd,




Morning only weigh in 0800-0900. Saturday April 6th 2019


From 8yrs to 13yrs in the years 6th April 2011-31st Dec 2006

All Wrestlers to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines

14 and 15:

14yrs to 15yrs in the calendar years 2004-2005                 

All Wrestlers to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines


16yrs to 17yrs in the calendar years 2002-2003

41-45k, 48k, 51k, 55k, 60k, 65k, 71k, 80k, 92k, 110k,

No allowance

Please Note, The Draw will be made after the closure deadline of entries (see below) and before the Weigh In, this means that If the weight is not met the wrestler will be removed from the Competition and any matches posted will be walkovers.


18yrs to 20yrs in the calendar years 2001-1999. (athletes born in 2002 can take part with special permission from a doctor & coach, contact membership)

57k, 61k, 65k, 70k, 74k, 79k, 86k, 92k, 97k, 125k.

No allowance

Please Note, The Draw will be made after the closure deadline of entries (see below) and before the Weigh In, this means that If the weight is not met the wrestler will be removed from the Competition and any matches posted will be walkovers.


Stipulation of weight group

Athletes will be asked to stipulate which weight group they intend to compete in for Cadet and Junior at the time of entry.

Athletes will not be allowed to move categories after the closing date for the Competition, and “missing weight” will mean removal from the tournament without a refund.

To change weight category please contact membership@britishwrestling.org before 1700hrs on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 (individual booking) 2019. Stating Name, Category (Cadet/Junior) and change to Wt category ??kg

Withdrawals and Refunds will also only be accepted before 1700hrs on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 (a service charge of 10% will be deducted)


6th April 2011-31st Dec 1999

All Wrestlers to be matched on the day in accordance with current BWA guidelines


Entry Fees:

      £25 – Early bird (until Friday 29th March 2019)

      £35 – Saturday 30th March till Tuesday 2nd April 2019


Online Entries Only Click Here to enter the competition

Competitors can only be entered on-line if their BWA membership is valid for 2019. Any person not registered or whose entry has not been received by the closing date will not be allowed to participate.

Closing Date for Entries           

1700hrs on Tuesday 2nd April 2019


1st, 2nd and 3rd Place


Competition Director:   Trevor Hoskins trevor.hoskins@gmail.com

Official in Charge:   Richard Phillips samanthaphillips@hotmail.co.uk

Designated Safeguard Officer:  Sharen Thorpe

All other enquiries Contact

Email:    membership@britishwrestling.com

Mobile:   07961516722

BWA Membership

All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Clubs, Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered with the B.W.A. for 2019

Coach ID

Coaches must display their Coach ID.

Wrestling Commences at 



Apr 06 2019


All of the day


£25 - Early bird (until Friday 29th March 2019) then £35 - Saturday 30th March till Tuesday 2nd April 2019


Nottingham Wildcats Arena
Greenwood Rd Nottingham NG3 7EB
Trevor Hoskins


Trevor Hoskins
07961 516722
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