2018 English Senior Championships

24 Feb 2018

Weight First Second Third
57k  Sarah McDaid     
  Waterside Sharks     
59k  Amy Keyes     
  Tryst Lions     
68k  Chloe Spiteri     
MALES FS       
57k  Gary Giordimaina  Paul Gray  Vasile Jornea 
  Malta  Ireland  SWA 
61k  Viorel Etko  Muhammad Mokaev  Homam Limam 
  V Wrestling  City of Manchester  Brondesbury College 
65k  Hamid Shadravan  Wali Abdullah  Wesley Mulder 
  City of Manchester  Legion  Netherlands 
70k  Nicolae Cojocaru  Gheorghita Tanasa  Alikhan Muradyan 
  V Wrestling  Legion  Shinbudo 
74k  Sean Teasdale  David Galea  Clinton Scott 
  Manchester Y  Malta  Ireland 
79k  Ianic Sacultan  Mostafa Fatahiniya  Ryan Kay 
  V Wrestling  Sharples  Waterside Sharks 
      Benjamin Vellacott 
86k  Karol Smedzik  Pedram Nikabadi  Mohammed Salem 
  Unattached  Tryst Lions  Unattached 
92k  Vahid Hoseinpoor  Hardeep Singh  Johan Michael Berkenbosch 
  Manchester Y  Unattached  Netherlands 
97k  Joe Hendry  Abdullah Hussain  David Middlemiss 
  Unattached  Bolton  Unattached 
125k  Ben Pollin  Mandhir Kooner  Dean King 
  Waterside Sharks  Unattached  Unattached 


Weigh–In (new UWW Regulations):

From 9:00am to 9:45am at the venue on Saturday 24 February 2018

57kgs, 61kgs, 65kgs, 70kgs, 74kgs, 79kgs, 86kgs, 92kgs, 97kgs & 125kgs

50kgs, 53kgs, 55kgs, 57kgs, 59kgs, 62kgs, 65kgs, 68kgs, 72kgs & 76kgs

For this event all weight categories will have a 2kgs allowance

Athletes will be asked to stipulate which weight group they intend to compete in at the time of entry, athletes will not be allowed to move categories after this decision and “missing weight” will mean removal from the tournament without a refund.

Athletes must weigh in wearing a singlet.

Wrestling will commence 1 hour after the close of the weigh in.


Junior Athletes: Any person born in 2000 or before may enter with a medical certificate and Coaches permission (will need a PIN to enter)

Seniors: Any person born 1998 or before may enter without additional paperwork

First Aid:

Qualified personnel will be provided by the tournament organiser.

Competitors from Outside the UK:

Must be members of their home nation’s governing body prior to entering e.g. Irish Amateur Wrestling Association (IAWA) (Point of Contact is Trevor Hoskins BWA Membership Secretary – Telephone No. 00 44 7961 516722 email membership@britishwrestling.org)

To enter:

Online Entries Only = £20.00

Click Here to enter the competition

Competitors can only be entered on-line if their membership is valid for 2018. Any person not registered or whose entry has not been received by the closing date will not be allowed to participate.

All other enquiries:

Contact Email: admin@britishwrestling.org
Mobile: 07977201505

Closing Date for Entries:

1700hrs on Tuesday 20 February 2018


1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Competition Director:
 Barry Pollin: 07977 201505 admin@britishwrestling.org
BWA Sport Committee Delegate: Trevor Hoskins: 07961 516722 membership@britishwrestling.org
Official in Charge: Dave Sudron: 07761 106391
Designated Safeguard Officer: Lesley Kay: 07742 863884

Other requirements:

All Club Secretaries are reminded that all Coaches, Competitors and Officials must be registered members with the B.W.A. for 2018

All coaches must be UKCC Level 1 or UKCC Level 2 qualified or BWA Honorary and wear their Coach ID during the tournament.

Any other unqualified person found “cornering” may be removed from the tournament venue.

Wrestling Commences at 10:45 hrs on Saturday 24 February 2018




Weight Groups Announcement for the English Seniors on Saturday 24 February

The 10x UWW weight groups will be used in each of Freestyle and Women’s wrestling.  There will be a 2kgs allowance.

There will be one weight check on the morning of the event for all athletes.  Competitors will be asked to nominate their weight class in advance thus reducing the time required to pair.

There will be no Greco Roman or Vets categories at this January competition.  Athletes born in 2000 are permitted to enter provided they have parental approval and a medical certificate.

This is the first competition in the UK under the new UWW rules which came into force on 1st January 2018.  In the latest rules, weigh-in takes place on the morning of the competition. If an athlete fails to make their nominated weight, that athlete is eliminated from the competition. It was decided that, certainly for this first tournament under the new rules, a weight allowance would be sensible.

For competitors travelling some distance, the big advantage is that an overnight stay may be able to be avoided. 

Another advantage for organisers and competitors alike is that the pairing can be done in advance, so that as soon as the weigh-in and drawing of numbers is done, the matches can be posted. It should be possible to start much earlier than when the pairing has had to wait until after the weigh in.

It may mean, though, that if a number of wrestlers fail to make their weight, there could be some early walk-overs


Feb 24 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
The British Wrestling Academy


The British Wrestling Academy
41-43 Great Clowes St Salford M7 1RQ
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