European Senior Championships, Dortmund

29 Mar 2011

2011 European Championship 59kg Bronze Medal for Olga Butkevych


2 April 2011

GR 74kg Myroslav Dykun Rank 31/33
‘v’ Hungary Lost 2-0; 1-0 Video

Hungary was in final Video with Azerbaijan, placing Myroslav in the repechage

Myroslav Dykun repechage
‘v’ Armenia Lost 1-0; 1-0 Video

1st Azerbaijan; 2nd Hungary; 3rds Russia + France

GR 55kg Video of final
1st Armenia; 2nd Ukraine; 3rds Belarus; Azerbaijan

GR 60kg Video of final
1st Georgia; 2nd Bulgaria; 3rds Turkey; Azebaijan

GR 66kg Video of final
1st Russia; 2nd Hungary; 3rds Serbia; Azerbaijan

GR 84kg Video of final
1st Ukraine; 2nd Russia; 3rds Bulgaria; Armenia

GR 96kg Video of final
1st Belarus; Armenia; 3rds Bulgaria; Azerbaijan

GR 120kg Video of final
1st Russia; 2nd Turkey; 3rds Armenia; Hungary



1 April

FW 59kg Olga Butkevych Rank Bronze
‘v’ Russia Won 0-1; 2-0; 3-1 Video
‘v’ Poland Won 5-1; 3-0; Pinning in second round Video
‘v’ Azerbaijan Lost 0-1; 0-1 Video

Azerbaijan then won final against Roumania Video, placing Olga in the repechage

Olga Butkevych repechage
Bronze Medal Match ‘v’ Hungary Won 4-0; 3-1 Video

1st Azerbaijan; 2nd Roumania; 3rds Great Britain + Ukraine


FW 63kg Sarah Connolly Rank 21/21
‘v’ Ukraine Lost 0-6; 0-3 and pinned Video
Ukraine later won the final against Bulgaria Video placing Sarah in the repechage

Sarah Connolly repechage
‘v’ Latvia Lost 0-6; 0-3 and pinned Video
1st Ukraine; 2nd Bulgaria; 3rds Azerbaijan + Russia


FW 67kg
Final: Azerbaijan ‘v’ Ukraine Video
1st Azerbajan; 2nd UKraine; 3rds Germany + Belarus

FW 72kg
Final Ukraine ‘v’ Belarus Video
1st Ukraine; 2nd Belarus; 3rds Bulgaria + Poland

31 March

FW 48kg Yana Rattigan Rank 5/21
‘v’ Norway: Won 7-0; 6-0 Video
‘v’ Azerbaijan: Lost 0-3; 0-4 Video
[Representing Azerbaijan was Yana’s sister-in-law, Mariya Rattigan]

Azerbaijan then beat Poland in the semi-finals, taking Mariya through to the final against Ukraine.  This places Yana in the repechage

Yana Stadnick repechage:
‘v’ Spain: Won – pin in 38secs Video
Bronze medal match ‘v’ Poland: Lost 0-2; 0-2 Video

FW 48kg Finals: Azerbaijan ‘v’ Ukraine Video
1st Azerbaijan; 2nd Ukraine; 3rds Poland + Roumania

FW 51kg Jayne Clayson Rank 13/16
‘v’ Moldova: Lost 0-1; 0-6 Video
Final Ukraine ‘v’ Roumania

1st Ukraine; 2nd Roumania; 3rds Moldova + Russia

30 March

FS 55kg
Final Russia ‘v’ Georgia Video
1st Russia; 2nd Georgia; 3rds Belarus + Azerbaijan

FS 60kg Oleksandr Madyarchyk withdrew because of injury
Finals Russia ‘v’ Albania Video
1st Russia; 2nd Albania; 3rds Bulgaria + Ukraine

FS 66kg
Finals Bulgaria ‘v’ Azerbaijan Video
1st Azerbaijan; 2nd Bulgaria; 3rds Russia + Germany

FS 84kg
Finals Russia ‘v’ Georgia Video
1st Russia; 2nd Georgia; 3rds Azerbaijan + Roumania

FS 120kg Mark Cocker Rank 18/19
‘v’ Georgia Lost 0-2; 0-3 Video
Georgia bt Russia but lost to Azerbaijan
Finals Turkey ‘v’ Belarus Video
1st Turkey; 2nd Belarus; 3rds Hungary + Azerbaijan


29 March

FS 60kg Krasimir Krastanov: Rank 11/22
‘v’ Armenia: Won 0-3; 3-2; 3-1 Video
‘v’ Roumania: Pinned in first round. Video
Final Russia ‘v’ Albania Video
1st Russia; 2nd Albania; 3rds Ukraine + Bulgaria

FS 74kg Philip Roberts: Rank 16/21
‘v’ Romania: Lost 0-1; 0-1 Video
Roumania then lost to Georgia in 3 rounds
Final: Russia ‘v’ Armenia Video
1st Russia; 2nd Armenia; 3rds Hungary + Georgia

FS 96kg Leon Rattigan: Rank 12/23
‘v’ Germany: Lost 3-0; 0-1; 1-3 Video
Germany then lost to Georgia in 3 rounds
Finals: Russia ‘v’ Azerbaijan Video
1st Azerbaijan; 2nd Russia; 3rds Ukraine + Moldova

28th March

FS 84kg Jag Bhullar and FW 55kg Kathryn Marsh have had to withdraw due to injury


22nd March FILA News Item

After Baku in 2010, the city of Dortmund will be the host of the upcoming senior European Championship. The 40 participating countries will meet on German soil from 29 March till 03 April 2011 to run for the prestigious European titles and obtain the right to compete in the 2011 World Championship. Last year, 36 countries travelled to Baku and Russia won the three team competitions. Boosted by their recent victory at the freestyle World Cup, the Russian wrestlers will undoubtedly fight hard to confirm their domination in Dortmund. The participant list can be consulted at the following link.   

As a reminder, the National Federations from Europe have the obligation to enter the European Championship with at least the same number of participants that they intend to enter in the World Championship, first qualification phase for the 2012 London Olympic Games. To be noted that all Olympic referees must take part in the Championship in order to take one of their annual control courses. 

FILA congratulates the German Wrestling Federation and hopes for the competition to reflect the highly professional work undertaken by the organising committee so far. Specific information, programme, and results are available on the dedicated competition website as well as on the organising committee’s website.

  • Event Title: European Senior Championships, Dortmund
  • Start Date: 29 Mar 2011
  • End Date: 3 Apr 2011
  • Venue:

    Westfalenhallen Dortmund (Halle 1)
    Strobelallee 45, D – 44379 Dortmund
  • Website:
  • Contact:
  • Email:


Mar 29 2011 - Apr 03 2011


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Westfalenhallen Dortmund (Halle 1)
Strobelallee 45, D – 44379 Dortmund
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