Scottish Open


  Weight First Second Third
  29.5k Phoebe Cocker Mia Kipling Amelia Berry
    Sharples  Bolton Sharples 
  37k Ruby Leader    
  48k TJ Baker Megan Jolly  
    Carrickfergus City of Manchester  
  50k Shannon Harrison Svetlozara Yakova Charlotte McGuigan
    Middleton & Wirksworth  Sharples  Erne 
  55k Shakila Danyari Megan Kipling  
    Wigan & Leigh  Bolton  
  58k Abbie Fountain Daina Cardwell Zoe Hart
    SW Academy Carrickfergus Carrickfergus
  63k April McGuigan Meadow Mcalonan  
    Erne  Tullibody   
  75k Lala Javadova  Rosie Thorpe  
    West London Middleton & Wirksworth   
  24k Albert Pikulskiy Matthew Marshall  
    Dublin Tullibody   
  28k Lucas Birkhead Taio Stuart  
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated  
  30k Harry Cameron Tristan Gielechinski Isah Khan
    Carrickfergus Dublin West London
  32k Harry Meadows Regan Greeley Luke Bennison-Moore
    Bolton Aspull Warriors Sharples 
  33k Mark Todd Joel Morrison Ewan McDowell
    Carrickfergus Carrickfergus Erne 
  36k Marshall Everett-Jones Matthew Wood David Kozytsky
    Aspull Warriors Tullibody  City of Manchester
  39k Yusuf Mohammed Arin Sekirden  
    Impact Fitness Academy Bolton  
  42k Amir Dubachev Valentine Fikhter Elliot Carter
    Unattached City of Manchester Wigan & Leigh 
  46k Lewis Mulligan Taylor Everett-Jones Luke Alcorn
    Aspull Warriors Aspull Warriors Tullibody 
  52k Fraser Drysdale Matthew Oliphant  
    Unaffiliated Unaffiliated  
  44k Ismail Magomayov Dylan Loughlin Ali Sultanbekov
    Dublin Dublin Unattached
  52k David Siko Tamas Jakab Tristan Jones
    Sharples  Unattached Tullibody 
  55k Lewis Redican Joshua Moore Marwan El Mouden
    Dublin Sharples  Unaffiliated
  56k Solomon Bennett Ben McQuire  
    Middleton & Wirksworth  Tullibody   
  59k Iakub Dubachev Josh Hogsett   
    Unattached Carrickfergus  
  62k Georgi Nikolov Ellis Crossley Ryan May
    West London Sharples  Unattached
  64k Hercule Arthure Tela Kamdem Shyan Banger Findlay Friel
    Tryst Lions  Unaffiliated Unaffiliated
  67k Ahmad Safi Steve Junior Evina  
    SLOUGH  Tryst Lions   
  70k Koen Perry Cameron Leader  
    Aspull Warriors Bolton  
  73k Ede Jakab Max Lally Victor Tapushel
    Unattached Dublin Dublin
  87k Arsene Descarte Nde Kamdem Jacob Gavan  
    Tryst Lions  City of Manchester  
  57k Malachy O’Rourke Scott Duff  
    Sharples  Unaffiliated  
  61k Ross Connelly    
    SW Academy    
  65k Mojtaba Fathizadeh Ahmed Ghafuri  
    SW Academy Unattached  
  70k Ibraheem Asgher Aaron Chalk Colin Gell
    City of Manchester Tullibody  Sharples 
  74k Max Freyne Usamah Rameh Stuart McKay
    Unattached City of Manchester Tryst Lions 
  79k Mostafa Fatahiniya Scott Wilson Douglas Nevins
    Sharples  Unattached Unaffiliated
  86k Cameron Nicol Terence Bosson Elvis Dascors
    Unattached Unattached Unaffiliated
  92k Nathan Livesey James Murray Patrick McCloskey
    Bolton Unaffiliated Tryst Lions 
  97k Kieran  Malone  David Middlemiss  
    Unattached Unaffiliated  
  125k Brendan  Murphy    
    Tryst Lions     

Regulations and entry for the Scottish Open 2019 Click Here 

Saturday 19 October 2019
Kelvin Hall. 1445 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland

£30 per entry Senior  

£20 per entry Junior 

Limited Numbers: 150 (for 2 mats)

Entry Closes: 1700hrs on Saturday 12th October 2019.
It is possible to enter in 2 ways.
Go to Events Tile and choose the featured event (individual booking) or Click Here to use the direct Link.
You will need the Username and Password for the person being entered. (if you do not have these please contact
Club Secretaries/Admin can enter groups of entries (Club booking)
Please check your membership is valid (in date with a competition level. Schoolchild U12, Junior 12-17, Student, or Senior) If you are struggling to enter please contact for help.



Oct 19 2019


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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