Wigan and Leigh Open Championships

5 Sep 2009

Weight First Second Third
26K H. Phillips L. McGrath  
  M & W Bolton  
28K B. Taylor K. Barnes  
  Bolton Bolton  
36K A. Doxey C. Rathband  
  M & W M & W  
39K B. Scott K. Heathcote A. Upton
  Y Club M & W W & L
45K S. Hawke G. Phillips Z. Kay
  Tullibody Waterside Sharks Sharples
50K L. Farrell E. Parkinson  
  W & L Aspull  
52K M. Spencer    
  M & W    
54K D. Kay P. Caswell  
  Bolton Rustington  
57K K. Colebourne J. Smith  
  M & W W & L  
64K A. Upton M. Doxey  
  W & L M & W  
70K R. Smith E. Watts  
  W & L Aspull  
76K S. Connolly L. Kay J. Anslow
  AJ Sharples Rustington
22K L. Brown T. Phillips H. Ridings
  M & W M & W W & L
23K K. Anik L. Hawthorn D. Scott
  Bolton Bradford Y Club
26K J. Atcha J. Colebourne J. Cummings
  Bolton M & W Bolton
28K T. McCann J. Smith M. Keyes
  Tryst Aspull Y Club
29K R. Connelly R. Handley J. Harbinson
  Tryst Aspull Knockagh
33K A. Atcha J. Arnold  
  Bolton M & W  
34K D. Chesney D. Collins  
  Bolton Aspull  
35K D. Fisher S. Crow S. Longthorne
  Y Club Eire Bolton
35K D. Manning M. Heathcote  
  Y Club M & W  
37K N. Livesy B. Harrison  
  Sharples M & W  
38K A. Purssell D. Black D. Watson
  Knockagh Knockagh M & W
41K C. McNulty M. Walton J. Hargreaves
  Bolton Sharples Sharples
44K M. Naughton A. Thwaites  
  Bolton Bradford  
45K O. Tafail C. Bowling  
  Birmingham Aspull  
45K G. Barnes B. Singh  
  Bolton Birmingham  
53K G. Ramm P. Browitt G. Warburton
  Sharples Aspull Sharples
54K J. Bickerstaff A. Evans D. Hawkins
  Sharples Aspull Bolton
57K B. Pollin C. Roche  
  Waterside Sharks Bradford  
58K J. Haughey T. Hawthorn S. Phillips
  Knockagh Bradford Waterside Sharks
60K A. Littler C. McKenna  
  Aspull Milngavie  
61K L. Waddell A. Kime  
  Tullibody W & L  
61K M. Borjy M. Gerrard  
  Newcastle Kuabon  
66K O. Madyarchyk D. Arzu  
  Academy A J Wrestling  
67K Z. Noori M. Sudron W. Barrick
  Bradford Stockton Aspull
67K T. McKenna J. Powell  
  Milngavie AJ Wrestling  
70K M. Davies J. Parry B. Asgharyzadegan
  Kaobon Aspull Bolton
73K B. McLucas D. Penketham H. Asgharyzadegan
  Tryst Y Club Bolton
75K O. Mohamadi J Heyes J. Peterken
  Bradford W & L Bradford
76K A. Bennett T. Clark S. Isherwood
  Bradford Sharples Aspull
76K T. Kime S. Weir C. Asharyzadegan
  W & L W & L Bolton
80K M. Cox J. Nicholson  
  Aspull Aspull  
80K M. Shahmohammadi G. Mboungo T. Stanley
  Newcastle Newcastle W & L
84K S. Tufts J. Claffey  
  Knockagh Aspull  
94K L. Forshaw D. Collins D. Stanley
  Aspull W & L Bradford
100K E. Cole C. McGrath R. Dean
  Y Club Bolton Aspull
120K K. Abdi M. Howker  
  Newcastle Bradford  

Age & Weights
minis, cadets, juniors and seniors, to be matched in accordance with weight & age, minimum age – born in or before 2004

Entry fee £10 per competitor

Closing date for entries Friday 28th August 2009
Friday 4 September 2009
1730 To 2030hrs @ Rosebridge High School
Awards Trophies: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places.
Competition Director Mr Malcolm Morley
Official In Charge Mr David Sudron

  • Event Title: Wigan and Leigh Open Championships
  • Start Date: 5 Sep 2009
  • End Date: 5 Sep 2009
  • Venue:
    Rose Bridge High School

    Holt Street,
    WN1 3HD
  • Website:
  • Contact: Julie Grundy
  • Email: davepave35@msn.com


Sep 05 2009


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Rose Bridge High School
Holt Street, Ince, Wigan WN1 3HD
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