Performance Pathway Team

The Performance Pathway Team is made up of coaches and managers or administrators that operate across the British Wrestling Performance Pathway.

British Wrestling operates a performance pathway that is made up of 2 sections: GB Performance Pathway and Talent Pathway. The GB performance pathway will consist of 3 squads (Senior Elite, LA Potential and GB Development), underpinned by the 2 talent pathway squads (National Potential and Regional). You can read more about the makeup of the pathway here

British Wrestling appoints coaches to deliver squad activities at the different levels of the pathway, coaches support the athletes at each level of the pathway with squad training and competitions. These coaches are supported by squad managers or administrators who coordinate activities, ensure athletes, and parents/carers are kept informed of squad activities and act as a safeguarding officers for squad activities. 

All sessions are open for athletes coaches to attend to observe and support coaches. For information on how to get involved please contact Performance Manager, Kieran Malone at



Vlad Gladkov

GBR Technical Director

Mohammed Osman

GBR Development Coach

David Ong

GBR Potential Squad Coach and Team Manager

Charlie Bowling

National Potential Squad Coach

Ross Connelly

National Potential Squad Coach

Mark Cocker

Squads Support Coach


Chris Hoban

North Region Squad Coach

Lee Meadows

North Region Squad Manager

Ranjit Randhawa

Midlands Region Squad Coach

Trevor Hoskins

Midlands Region Squad Manager

Nayim Mahomad

South Region Squad Coach

Jit Rakhra

South Region Squad Manager