Performance Pathway

The aim of British Wrestling is to create, develop and support athletes who are capable of competing and succeeding at the highest international levels. The pinnacle of which is the Olympic Games.

In order to achieve this, British Wrestling operates a performance pathway that is made up of 2 sections: GB Performance Pathway and Talent Pathway. The GB performance pathway will consist of 3 squads (Senior Elite, LA Potential and GB Development), underpinned by the 2 talent pathway squads (National Potential and Regional).

Across the Performance Pathway, the focus is to provide a holistic development environment that builds the athletes awareness, understanding and abilities across the key principles for developing performance. This includes:

  • Technical ability
  • Tactical ability
  • Physical ability and conditioning
  • Psychological conditioning
  • Key performance behaviours

This pathway is in place for selected wrestlers from across the UK to access regular on and off the mat training, to engage with available athlete support and performance workshops. Additionally, they will access to international camps and competitions, appropriate to their level of performance within the pathway. This offers an opportunity to compete at a higher level, as well as gain experience and apply new skills in competition environments.

The below Performance Pathway brochure highlights what the performance pathway is, how athletes gain access to the pathway and its key elements.

Performance and Talent Pathway Brochure