This Girl Can Wrestle

The British Wrestling Association is proud to be working in partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl for the ‘This Girl Can Wrestle’ Campaign in an effort to drive the growth of girls’ and women’s wrestling throughout the UK.

The British Wrestling Association proudly worked in partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl to deliver the ‘This Girl Can Wrestle’ campaign to drive the growth of girls and women’s wrestling throughout the UK. The free program took part virtually from December 8th 2020 – May 15th 2021 and was open to girls aged 8 and over of all experience levels. Over the twenty-four weeks, student-athletes had the opportunity to participate in practices and special events to deepen their knowledge about the sport of wrestling while building a community and gaining life skills.

British Wrestling worked with Wrestle Like A Girl to create the schedule for the project over 6 months covering a wrestling session curriculum, coach education seminars, movie screenings and workshops. The delivery was documented for future use and is available below.  

Engagement and Impact 

A crucial component of the This Girl Can Wrestle project was its engagement with the wrestling family and wider communities. To be able to accomplish this, a wider communication plan needed to be implemented. Working with Wrestle Like A Girl we developed a communications plan that was reviewed weekly. Below are the different elements that made up the communications for the project. 

Social Media 

British Wrestling utilised its social media suite spread across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This was delivered through the HootSuite platform the schedule posts across all platforms. This helped plan campaigns and promote future sessions ahead of time.   

Whatsapp Group  

 As part of the ongoing engagement with all participants, British Wrestling created a WhatsApp group with the Wrestle Like A Girl coaches, a safeguarding officer, and participants’ parents to communicate with the participants. This involved sending regular news content, wrestling tips and coaching videos around upcoming or previous moves and techniques that have been covered in the online sessions.  

This Girl Can Wrestle Newsletter  

As part of our partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl, the lead coaches wrote a coach’s newsletter that involved best practice, session plans, how to engage with women and more. British Wrestling shared this with all coaches through our newsletter mailing list.

YouTube Channel: TGCW Exercises  

During the project, we learnt that we needed to keep engaging with our participants in different ways. The Wrestle Like A Girl coaches created technique videos focusing on the weaknesses the participants needed to work on and we uploaded them to the British Wrestling YouTube channel. This was popular during and after the programme which has shown a need for continuing to develop content for this channel. 

Instagram Takeover  

As part of the overall communication, Wrestle Like a Girl performed Instagram ‘Takeovers’. The basic concept was that the This Girl Can Wrestle coaches would take over the British Wrestling Instagram and perform live interviews with athletes, coaches and volunteers. The highlights included an interview with U.S National Team members Kayla Miracle and Amy Fearnside. 

Campaign resources from the newsletters to the slides of the coaches’ workshop can be found below.