British Wrestling is bound by its Articles of Association which identify the Association as the National Governing Body of the sport of Wrestling in the United Kingdom. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the overall governance, development and management of the sport of wrestling in the UK.  The Board sets the strategic direction of the sport, appoints the CEO and monitors progress and results.

The Board and executive are supported by a number of committees and steering groups, these include:

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Nations and Regions Committee
  • Sport Technical Committee
  • Performance Advisory Group
  • Equality and Diversity Group

British Wrestling has, as its voting members, the three English regions (North, Midlands and South) and the home countries of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Voting Members are responsible for:

  1. representing its members;
  2. providing information about the work of the Association and the Nations and Regions Associations to its members;
  3. providing an opportunity for its members to raise and discuss Wrestling matters;
  4. discussing and pursuing Wrestling matters raised by its members in respect of issues affecting the development of the sport within its Nation/Region;
  5. formulating Home Nations talent pathways that align with the Association’s Great Britain and Northern Ireland performance programme(s); and
  6. facilitating two-way communication between its members and the Board, including through the Nations and Regions Committee.

The Home Country associations have particular responsibility for members within their own jurisdictions, though clubs and individuals pay an affiliation fee to British Wrestling which has responsibility for the UK membership database. 

British Wrestling is committed to good governance and remains compliant with The Code for Sports Governance as a National Governing Body of Sport in receipt of public funds.