British Wrestling Annual General Meetings

A British Wrestling Annual General Meeting or AGM must be held every year within 15 months of the previous meeting and must have at least 3 Voting Members present in person or by proxy to form a quorum. The meeting will be held at a date, time and location to be determined by the Board.

The meetings generally cover three aspects:

  • Company business matters, accounts, auditor etc, (ordinary resolutions)
  • Elections of directors (ordinary resolutions)
  • Special Resolutions

Special resolutions cover changes to the Articles of Association that the Board feel it appropriate to bring before the general membership. By law, special resolutions require the approval of 75% of the members voting to be carried out. Ordinary resolutions require a simple majority. Informally, AGM’s can also be a good opportunity to discuss topics of wrestling importance, inform the wider membership and gather opinions.

Each Nation and Region is recognised as a member subject to fulfilling the criteria within the Articles of Association. Each Nation and Region will nominate one Voting Member to represent the Nation or Region at the AGM but are entitled to appoint up to two representatives (one male and one female) to attend and speak at the meeting.