British Wrestling Association 2017 Annual General Meeting


Information associated with the British Wrestling Association Ltd 2017 Annual General Meeting will be posted on this page, with links to documents on the right-hand-side.



Date: Saturday 4 November 2017

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Detailed Agenda:

(link) Final agenda posted 3 Nov 2017
Annual Report:
(link) 2016-17 BWA Annual Report posted 3 Nov 2017
Financial Statements:

(link) 2016-17 BWA Audited Accounts – draft

(link) Previous, internal draft annual accounts

posted 3 Nov 2017

posted 22 Oct 2017

2016 AGM Minutes (draft):
(link) posted 9 Feb 2017
2017 AGM Minutes (draft): (link)  posted 12 Jan 2018
Special Business 

(link) Ratification of a new set of Articles for the Association: the BWA 2017 Articles

(link) Final BWA 2017 Articles

posted 4 October 2017


posted 12 Jan 2018

















Location of AGM:
The Nottingham Wildcats Arena
Greenwood Road


(2008 Articles 4.2 The Nations & Regions Associations shall be the Voting Members of the Association)
Voting Members have the right to appoint another person as his or her proxy at a General Meeting.


Notice of AGM posted 4 October 2017

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