British Wrestling Association Board

The Board of Directors is the highest level of decision making in British Wrestling beneath General Meetings with powers and procedures to exercise those powers laid down in the Articles of Association.

The Board meets 4 or 5 times a year in face to face meetings and consists of an independent chair, 4 home nation directors, 3 independent directors appointed by a selection panel, up to 2 additional directors co-opted by the board and the Chief Executive.

Ian Da Cunha

Ian is a senior lawyer with over 15 years of corporate and commercial legal experience and has worked in both private practise and the in-house sector. […]

Judith Duffin

Judith is a solicitor-advocate and has significant expertise in regulatory law, large investigations and advising on a variety of governance issues. Judith’s current role involves representing […]

Ishveen Jolly

Ishveen is a trailblazer in the sports marketing industry having built into the world’s largest marketplace connecting brands to athletes for digital marketing campaigns. Her […]

Steven Esom

Steven is an experienced chair and Board member of a number of consumer facing organisations and has been the Chair of GB Boxing since 2013. Other […]
Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond

Derek is one of Britain’s most famous athletes, having broken the British 400m record on two occasions. Derek was one of the country’s best athletes during […]

Tony Melling

Tony Melling BSc CEng was a Principal Engineer and Senior Manager for a Nuclear Reprocessing Company prior to his retirement in 2010. Tony is married with […]

Vasile Jornea

Vasile got involved in wrestling at a young age, when he was just 7 years old, as a wrestler in Moldova. He gained a degree in […]

Ian Wiggett

Ian started wrestling in his early twenties. At the time, sport was really encouraged in his place of work, and there were some really good wrestlers. […]

Mark Cooper

Mark has held a number of very senior Group Executive roles as Chief Operating Officer, Divisional President and Group Operations Director with major organizations such as […]
Craig Anthony

Craig Anthony

Craig became British Wrestling Chief Executive on 1st September 2019.  Prior to joining British Wrestling, Craig spent 12 years in the sport sector, including time working […]

Board Responsibilities

The British Wrestling board is responsible for;

  1. approving the Association’s strategy, management policies, business plan and financial budgets;
  2. receiving reports and approving and making recommendations in relation to the audit of the Association
  3. finalising and presenting the annual report and accounts for approval by the Voting Members at the annual general meeting;
  4. administering the finances and business performance of the Association;
  5. arranging the annual general meeting and other general meetings in accordance with these Articles;
  6. approving, issuing, amending and rescinding Regulations;
  7. appointing committees and sub-committees pursuant to Article 8;
  8. determining the membership subscriptions payable by the Voting Members;
  9. appointing the auditors and determining their remuneration; and
  10. supervising the CEO and his/her staff in the administration of the affairs of the Association.

The Board may from time to time establish or appoint committees and sub-committees as it may deem necessary for the effective conduct of the affairs of the Association. Details of these committees can be found here

Board Minutes

Board Minutes are available here