As per the Articles of Association, The Board may from time to time establish or appoint committees and sub-committees as it may deem necessary for the effective conduct of the affairs of the Association. Details of committees are listed here, current committees are;

  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Sport Technical Committee
  • Nations and Regions Committee

Full terms of reference for each committee are available to download below. 

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for

  1. Reviewing management and annual accounts
  2. Review of budgets and financial information
  3. Regular review of the BWA risk register 
  4. Regular review of Finance Manual and banking arrangements
  5. Regular review of insurance arrangements
  6. Reviewing the work of external auditors and making recommendations for appointment


  • Non-Executive Finance Director
  • CEO or an additional member of the British Wrestling executive
  • Home Nations Director

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for

  1. Leading the process for Board and CEO appointments and making subsequent recommendations to the Board;
  2. Informing UK Sport / Sport England, as appropriate, of any appointment process being carried out;
  3. Making recommendations to the Board on Standing Committee Chairs;
  4. Making recommendations to the Board on any other key Board appointments;
  5. Ensuring that the Board’s Diversity Statement and associated targets are fully and appropriately taken into account in all appointment processes;
  6. Ensuring no individual shall be appointed as a director until he or she has provided to the organisation a declaration of good character.


  • Independent Non-Executive BWA Chair
  • 1 Independent Non-Executive Director (the SID)
  • 1 Home Nations appointed Director
  • The Chief Executive

Nations and Regions Committee

The Nations and Regions Committee is responsible for

  1. Representing the views of the Nations & Regions Associations in the context of the strategy for growing the sport of wrestling;
  2. Contributing to and influencing the development of the Association’s strategy;
  3. Identifying issues impacting on the implementation of the Association’s strategy at regional levels;
  4. Developing potential solutions to issues emerging at regional levels;
  5. Providing a mechanism for communicating membership issues of national significance to the Board and vice versa where appropriate;
  6. Progressing work on the wrestler pathway, club and coach development; and
  7. Ensuring that best practice in wrestling and governance is shared across the Nations & Regions Associations.


One representative of each of the six Nations & Regions Associations.