The British Wrestling Association Ltd. has prepared and published the information below regarding its work to foster all aspects of diversity within its leadership and decision making.

Board Equality/Diversity Champion: Vasile Jornea

Publishing information about the percentage of women on the Board:

As of its 3rd February 2024 Board Meeting, the BWA Board comprised 30% females.

Shaherah Jordan (SIO*) Ishveen Jolley Liz Riley Vasile Jornea Mark Cooper
Steven Esom (Chair) Craig Anthony Ian Wiggett Tony Melling Derek Redmond

* Senior Independent Director

Outlining the justification for any differences in remuneration between Board Members:

At Board level the members with remuneration are the Chair and Chief Executive.  The remuneration varies according to role, specified tasks and the time expected of them; other Board members make time and expertise available as volunteers.

Publishing information about the organisation’s gender diversity at senior and middle management levels:

Board:  As above, the current percentage of women on the Board is 30%

Executive:  Executive functions are carried out by the staff and the percentage of women carrying out executive functions is currently 28%

Nations & Regions Committee:  This key committee should have six members one of whom is female, giving a percentage of 16%

British Wrestling Diversity Action Plan (DAP): Link to DAP

Further Governance Information:

The British Wrestling Association Ltd. is keen to demonstrate a strong and public commitment to progressing towards: Current Progress towards Target: of Current Directors
Achieving gender parity on its Board 60% Male 30% Female
Achieving greater diversity on its Board, including, but not limited to members from ethnically diverse communities and those with a disability

3x Director from ethnically diverse communities

4x Nationalities

The current Board has adopted a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on their Board 60% Male 30% Female

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