Nations & Regions

The Nations and Regions Associations are the recognised members of the British Wrestling Association. The Nations and Regions are made up of three Home Nation Associations, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and three geographical regions of England, North, Midlands and South. 

As per The Articles of Association, the functions of the Nations & Regions Associations shall be: –

4.1  There shall be six Nations & Regions Associations of the Association, each representing the Affiliated Clubs under their respective jurisdictions of England (North), England (Midlands), England (South), Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The boundaries of the English Regions Associations shall be delineated by the Board from time to time.

4.2  The Nations & Regions Associations shall be the Voting Members of the Association. Voting Members shall be entitled to receive notices of General Meetings and they shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at these meetings in accordance with these Articles.

4.3  The work of the Nations & Regions Associations shall include but not be limited to:

4.3.1  discussing and pursuing wrestling matters as raised by the Affiliated Clubs on issues affecting the development of the game locally;

4.3.2  providing two-way communication between the Nations & Regions Committee, the Executive Committee, the Board and the Affiliated Clubs;

4.3.3  providing information about the work of the Association and the relevant Nation Association or English Region Association to the Affiliated Clubs; and

4.3.4  providing an opportunity for delegates of the Affiliated Clubs to raise and discuss concerns of their Associated Club on all wrestling matters.


In addition, the English Regions come together to form the England Wrestling Committee. The British Wrestling Board delegates some responsibility for wrestling in England to the English Wrestling Committee. The primary purpose of the Committee is to assist with the promotion and development of wrestling in England.