England Wrestling Committee

British Wrestling is the recognised governing body for wrestling in England and has overall responsibility for wrestling both in the UK and specifically England. The British Wrestling Board delegates some responsibility for wrestling in England to the English Wrestling Committee.

The primary purpose of the Committee is to assist with the promotion and development of wrestling in England.  The following key activities will be carried out by the Committee: 

  1. To maintain and promote affiliation and membership of British Wrestling throughout England 
  2. To represent the views of British Wrestling members, clubs and other partners across England 
  3. To communicate to its regions, clubs and members on British Wrestling matters 
  4. To support the delivery of wrestling development projects in England  
  5. To appoint, as necessary, the Home Nation Director for England to the Board in line with the British Wrestling Articles of Association  
  6. To recommend to the Board, selection of England officials, coaches and teams  
  7. To ensure that good governance and financial practice are established, agreed and delivered in all regions.


The England Committee consists of the following members: 

  1. Home Nation Director for England 
  2. 2 representatives from each of the 3 English Regions: (North, Midlands, South) 
  3. CEO or an appropriate member of the British Wrestling executive;