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Funding Opportunities
A comprehensive list of Funding Opportunities for Coaching is available as an interactive PDF file via the following link (link)
The document is dated October 2013 and the content does change on a regular basis.
The guide is published on behalf of sports coach UK by Coachwise Ltd
The guide is divided into NGB, National and Regional funding opportunities.
During 2013, Clubs that signed on to the Club Development (KKP) project were able to secure part-funding for Volunteer Development which they spent on Coach UKCC Qualification.  With the conclusion of that funding, prospective course candidates should seek funding via their local authorities and other sources as illustrated in this guide.
However, candidates will need to fulfil the criteria of funding bodies, e.g. in the North West, coaches are required to register in GreaterSport’s Coach database.
“GreaterSport have developed a specific website for paid and voluntary coaches within Greater Manchester and those who are interested in becoming a coach.” (Link)
“We have over 4000 coaches already signed up and would encourage all coaches to register for free and receive a range of benefits which includes:

  • paid and voluntary coaching opportunities
  • qualifications & training opportunities
  • funding information
  • course calendar
  • resource section
  • and much more
  • To visit the website and find out more, click on the link below