Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

This is an England only, government funded programme and it aims to support and fast-track young sporting talent, the potential medal winners of the future.

TASS is a unique partnership between National Governing Bodies of sport and Educational Institutions, designed especially to cater for the needs of athletes within the education system during higher and further education.

The TASS programme has been created to help hundreds to fulfill their sporting potential by maintaining a sensible balance between academic life or employment whilst training and competing as a performance athlete. TASS aims to reduce the drop-out of talented athletes from sport due to academic and financial pressures.

Level of support
TASS provides athletes with a tailored package of services compromising of services such as Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Lifestyle Support, Physiotherapy and access to a medical scheme, as well as support with competition and training expenses (circa £2k). TASS athletes also have access to good quality training facilities at designated TASS hubs.

Length of Award
Annual award with quarterly reviews, though athletes can access for up to two years. Athletes must meet eligibility criteria at all times.


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