Code of Conduct for the National Talent Squad

The following code of conduct was put together and agreed by the members of the National Talent Squad:-

Acceptable Behaviour

  1. Respect for Coaches and Athletes
  2. Sportsmanship
  3. Manners – say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  4. Listen and respond to important announcements
  5. No drinking of alcohol whether under or over 18 at competitions or training camps
  6. No swearing
  7. No smoking
  8. No fighting
  9. No bullying
  10. No playing around
  11. Obey Rules and Regulations of the premises/country/club where you are training or competing
  12. Listen to coaches/supervisors instructions
  13. Keep communicating with staff and each other (i.e. whether or not you can attend training, whether you are injured or ill etc)
  14. Do not make any comments that may offend someone about their race or religion
  15. Accept people for what they are

Acceptable Ways to Deal with Unacceptable Behaviour:-

  1. Three deviations reported and founded by the BWA Lead Child Protection Officer (Yvonne Ball) or the NTS Coaches from the above list, in any one year, will result in a ban from the NTS for 12 months
  2. If any female is found in a male’s room and vice versa at anytime during a training camp/competition then the person will be sent home and removed from the NTS for 12 months