Selection Criteria for National Talent Squad (NTS)

a) Athletes must be no younger than 14 yrs and no older than 19 yrs of age to be considered for selection.  (In exceptional circumstances, the National Junior Coaches may recommend athletes outside of this range).

b) Athletes will only be considered for selection if they are above 40 kgs, i.e. they are able to complete in an internationally recognised weight class for the Cadet or Junior levels. (In exceptional circumstances, the National Junior Coaches may recommend athletes outside of this range).

c) Athletes will be required to compete in the British and / or the English Junior Championships. Expectation for timing of selections is within one month following each tournament.  Those finishing in the top three places of each weight class may be invited to attend the squad sessions at the discretion of the national coaching staff. Selection as a member of the National Talent Squad, will be based on assessment by the national coaching staff using the criteria below: 

  • consistency of performances and current rate of improvement
  • past achievements at major domestic events
  • potential to compete successfully at international competition
  • current level of physical fitness and current medical/injury status
  • suitability as a team member (past behaviour)

d) All members of the talent squad will be required to attend each squad session. More than two unauthorised absence within a six month period may result in an athlete’s membership of the development squad being terminated.

e) Athletes within the 14 to 19 age group can only be selected for international competition if they are members of the NTS.

f) The National Junior Coaches will consult together on the selection of athletes for each international tournament, and advise on the ideal target weights for athletes. Selection will be based firstly on the athlete being the first ranked wrestler in the weight class. Additionally, the athlete will only be selected for international competitions if, in the opinion of the coaching staff, they have the ability to successfully compete at an international level.

g) The national coaching staff, reserve the right to invite any athlete onto the NTS where it is believed the athlete has the ability to develop and succeed at an international level. This situation will only apply when an athlete has been unable to compete in both the relevant English and British Championships due to illness, injury or other exceptional circumstances.