Changes made by Wrestling in response to IOC Executive Board’s February 2013 recommendation

Wrestling’s case is built on the significant and lasting changes that it has introduced since the recommendation on 12th February 2103 by the IOC Executive Board that Wrestling should not be one of the Olympic core sports after 2016.

Since February, Wrestling significantly improved on the three major areas of IOC concern; rules of the sport, internal governance and gender equity.


  • A new and inclusive President, Mr Nenad Lalovic from Serbia, was elected
  • New rules that make the sport more attractive to athletes and more exciting for both audiences and broadcasters e.g.
    • 2x 3 minute rounds instead of 2x 2minute rounds, penalties for passivity
    • A better scoring system, with bouts being decided on the basis of cumulative points (rather than best of three rounds)
    • penalties for prolonged period of passivity
  • An improved governance structure
    • For the first time within the 19-member FILA Bureau, (the International Federation’s Executive Board,) positions have been confirmed for both three female representatives and three athlete representatives
    • There will now be 15 Commissions under the Bureau, both new and restructured with, as an example, media separated from marketing and sponsorship
    • There will be no Bureau members on the Referees’ Commission which will be independent and transparent
  • There are plans to raise the profile of athletes in the sport
    • An Athletes’ Commission with voting representatives on the FILA Bureau
  • There are also further plans to raise the profile of women in the sport
    • Amongst the 15 Commissions, there is planned to be a women’s Commission. There will be a mandatory female vice-president position on the FILA Bureau, additional roles in the leadership
  • Two more weight classes for women will be added, effective for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janiero. The number of weight classes in Greco-Roman, Men’s Freestyle and Women’s Freestyle are now scheduled to be equal at 6-6-6.  The weights will be announced at the forthcoming World Championships in Hungary, 16-22 September.


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