07 Sep 2013 125th IOC Session, Buenos Aires, Argentina
31 May 2013 US, Canada and Ukraine women compete in “The Battle at the Falls.
29 May 2013 IOC Executive Board meets in St Petersburg, Russia, to identify three sports to recommend to September IOC session (link to news item)
18 May 2013 FILA Election Congress for President until 2014, involvement of athletes, competition uniform and rule changes
15 May 2013 US-Russia-Iran compete together on May 15 at New York’s Grand Central Station
10 May 2013 ex-President Martinetti fails at CAS to have the election as acting President of Mr Nenad Lalovic be declared null
May 2013 World Wrestling Month declared by FILA (link to FILA news item)
30 April 2013 FILA launch international advertising campaign (link to Facebook)
23 Mar 2013 US Senate approved a resolution, by voice vote, urging the IOC to reverse its decision to drop wrestling as an Olympic sport
16 Feb 2013 FILA President resigns during its Executive Board meeting in Phuket, Thailand
12 Feb 2013 IOC Executive Board votes to exclude Wrestling through secret ballot
01 Feb2012 IOC President Jaque Rogge visits Korea, home of Taekwondo, and meets the President who requests that Taekwondo be retained (link)
Dec 2012 IOC Programme Commission meet to consider post London 2012 questionnaire returns submitted by International Federations
1896 Start of the Modern era Olympics:  Wrestling was included in the programme and has been at every Olympics bar one (1900) since then
A.D. 393 Corruption brings an end to the ancient Olympic Games
B.C. 708 First Olympic Games including Wrestling