New British Wrestling On-Line Membership Database

British Wrestling, in conjunction with IMG Sports Technology Group, have developed an on-line membership system which will ensure that the process of becoming a BWA member is fast and efficient for both the member and the BWA.

From 8 January 2010 British Wrestling members have been able to apply for individual membership via this website where on the [HOME page] there is a Blue Button [MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION].  Click on this to apply/renew individual membership.

Membership Year
The membership is for one year only and will be an ongoing (rolling) membership e.g. if you apply on 12 June 2010 your renewal is due 12 June 2011. The computer automatically generates reminders 30 days before membership expires

Significant changes
Changes are that no membership cards will be issued and all existing members will have a new number as automatically generated by the computer at the time of application.  An admin fee paid to IMG Sports Technology Group is now included in the membership fee.

Membership Fees and Payment
Individual Membership categories and fees are given on their own page, and as stated above, are now larger because of the inclusion of an admin fee to IMG.

Once you have completed the information required then you will be able to pay by using either a debit or credit card.

As soon as your transaction is completed you will become a British Wrestling member. Your receipt/ confirmation will be sent to your email address

Personal Details and Password
You will be given a user name and password so you can update your personal details, your membership category or renew your membership.  Your details will be held securely.

In the case of Schoolchild and Junior members a parental consent form must be downloaded, completed and sent by post to the Membership Secretary as directed on the website. Upon receipt of the consent form the Membership Secretary will change the status of the application to approved.

For Students, a copy of their Student Union Card must be forwarded to the Membership Secretary before the application is approved.
Individual membership must be purchased on-line only.

All club secretaries or their nominated person will be provided with a user name and password so they can access membership information relative to their club.

Nations & Regions
All national and regional secretaries or another person nominated by their nation or region will be provided with a user name and password so they can access membership information relative to their nation or region.

Membership Registration for Competitions
In keeping with previous competition regulations no membership will be permitted at the time of weigh-in at any competition. Members are advised that they must obtain their on-line membership at least 24hrs before the official weigh-in. Anyone applying after that time must bring with them to the weigh-in the email receipt confirming payment. In the case of schoolchild and junior memberships the signed parental consent form must accompany the receipt as must the student union card for student applications. Without the receipt and/or necessary parental consent forms/student union card entry to the competition will not be permitted.

Club Annual Registration 
Clubs will continue to register via a paper application form and payment should be made by cheque, payable to ‘BWA Ltd’. Club membership runs from 1 January to 31 December 2010 and the fee will be £180.

All club affiliation forms should be sent to the BWA Administration office at The British Wrestling Academy, 41 Great Clowes Street, Salford M7 1RQ. Upon receipt a certificate and copy of public liability insurance will be forwarded to the Club Secretary.

Any queries please contact


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