What Teachers Say

“I have never come across a sport that has taken such a varied group of children and created such a buzz as wrestling has.” 
Wisewood School, Sheffield

“Wrestling has been a life changing experience for many pupils, particularly for those with challenging behaviour. It’s taught discipline, respect and has allowed them to believe that they can succeed.” 
Phil Grundy School Sports Co-ordinator, Sharples High School, Bolton

“Wrestling has been a unique opportunity for our school to step aside from the traditional PE program and offer an alternative means of developing physical skills, respect and discipline and cater for the needs of those pupils who are keen to develop outside the typical team games arena.” 
Phil Grundy School Sports Co-ordinator, Sharples High School, Bolton

“This new and exciting initiative has introduced many boys and girls to the sport of freestyle wrestling, one of the 26 summer Olympic sports. All eleven classes have had taster sessions involving over 350 children. Since the initial taster sessions we have opened an after school wrestling club which has proven to be very popular. We have also organised visits to our local wrestling club which have also gone down well. Wrestling has improved pupils strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and confidence.”
Richard Heyes P.E. co-ordinator, John Thorpe Head Teacher, SS Osmunds & Andrew’s R.C.Primary School, Bolton